Saturday, February 28, 2009

History of My ER34

A brief history of my Nissan Skyline ER34 before I kick start my first blog. This is 1999 Nissan Skyline ER34 GT-t, officially imported by TCY Motors (back then they were the official Nissan Skyline Dealer in Brunei). The engine is RB25DET and is rated at 280hp stock(single turbo), 4 speed semi-auto tranny and 17"wheels. And my car is 1 of 4 yellow GT-t imported here (2 manual & 2 auto) .

I had this car since April, 2000. It was given to me from my parent for my 21st birthday gift. Since then the car had been through a lot of changes. From stock car to the current JDM street modified car.

It is now 2009 and I have to say this is the car of my life and will most likely will stay with me for the rest of future. Back then I was asked to choose between WRX, MX-5 or ER34. Personally my own preferences were Nissan S15 or Honda S2000. I am glad I had chosen this car as the preferable cars weren't available till mid 2001. Anyway, lets get things started.
Below are the brief timeline of my ER34. Have fun reading.....
( sorry I am still searching for 2000 pictures)

~ 2001 ~
- Full Bomex Bodykit
- Apexi GT-Spec Full Exhaust System
- HKS Intercooler Type-S
- Nismo Side Decals
- Nismo Front and Side Indicators

~ 2002 ~
 HKS F-Con VPro Installed and Tuning by JUN(Koyama Susumo)
- HKS GT2540 Turbo, HKS Turbo Outlet, Nismo Fuel Pump, Nismo Injectors, Trust Gasket
- Apexi Downpipe, RSR straight pipe
- Ganador Side Mirrors, Front Bonnet Decals, R34 GTR Spoiler
Estimated Horsepower = ~340hp

~ 2003 ~
- Advan Rims Super Generation II 18"
- Yokohama AVS Sports Tires
- Apexi Suspension SpecV

~ 2004 ~
Same engine modification as the previous years. On March I had an accident at Sg.Liang (stupidly overtaking 6 cars). Front bumper was crushed into pieces, both headlamps were smashed, Intercooler bent to an unusable state and bonnet was totaled too. Lucky Engine was unharmed and the car was covered by insurance except for the aftermarket parts. Replaced parts were only Apexi GT-Spec Intercooler and Bomex Front Bumper

~ 2005 ~
You can see the Advan Super Generation II Rims were sprayed to yellow and black. Why? Because of my second accident (Jan 05). This time my car spun 360 twice at Jln.Seri and hit the side curb while I was overtaking a slow ass driver during rainy weather (stupidity No.2). Both left side front and back rims were bended slightly and had to be repair. Sadly the chrome couldn't be chromed so I decided to have the rims colored match to my car. After this event, I had said to myself to drive sensibly and not recklessly.

I also decided to ditch the Bomex bodykit and chose Do-Luck bodykit as my next project kit. The whole car was also resprayed to the original Nissan Yellow.

~ 2006 ~
- Do-Luck Full Bodykit (Front, Rear, Side and Spoiler)
- Manual Transmission Transplant (by Chin from Chin-Kai)
- HKS F-Con VPro retuned to match new transmission by HKS-Thailand (Ohura-San)
- Top-Secret Bonnet
- Advan Racing II Rims 18"
- Same engine modification as previous years

Estimated Horsepower = ~380hp

~ 2007 ~
- Same modification as previous years
- LED Rear Tail Lamps
- Semi-Slick Advan Neova AE07 Rear Tires 18.5 x 18"

~ 2008 ~
- HKS GT2835 Pro Turbo (HKS GT2540 blown)
- Major Engine Overhaul (130000km)
- Oversize Piston, Tomei Cam, Trust 2.0mm gasket
- Nismo Piston Rings and Con-Rod Bearings
Estimated Horsepower = ~440hp

And here goes my BLOG journey with my Nissan Skyline ER34.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009