Sunday, October 30, 2011

Porsche Optional Equipment - BOSE Sound system

Hi everyone,  today would like to post something about my Boxster S.  It's been a while since I last posted something about it.  Hehe.  Today post will be the Porsche Optional Equipment BOSE sound system that I opted.
Standard Porsche Boxster S come equipped with CDR-30 Audio system(picture above) and 4 speakers sound system.  I can opted for a better one with a larger, touch screen called PCM(Porsche Communication Management), but it cost a hefty additional BND$6600!!! Well as you can see from the above pic I didn't go for it.  Instead, I upgraded the existing standard 4 speakers to a higher quality types as Porsche Optional Equipment allows that.

There are two Sound system packages for CDR-30

Sound Package Plus (BND$1330.00)
  • 7 Loud Speakers
  • 185 Watts
  • CD Storage Box
BOSE Surround Sound System Package (BND$3090.00)
  • 11 Loud Speakers
2 x 2.5cm Neodym High Range speakers (Dashboard)
1 x Center Mid-Range Speaker (Dashboard)
2 x 8.0cm Neodym Mid Range speakers (Door Panel)
2 x 20.0cm ND Low Range Speakers (Door Panel)
2 x 13cm Active Sub-woofers (Rear Panel)
2 x 6.5cm Mid/High Range Speakers (Rear Panel)

  • 385 Watts
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • SurroundStage signal processing specifically design by BOSE for Boxster
  • Microphone for AUDIOPILOT on steering coloumn
  • CD Storage Box

As you can see from the pics below,  I opted for the BOSE Surround Sound System package.  I am a music lover so a great high quality speakers is a must!  Check it out below!

BOSE badge

Driver Door
8.0cm Neodym Mid Range speakers (Door Panel)
20.0cm ND Low Range Speakers (Door Panel)

Passenger Door
8.0cm Neodym Mid Range speakers (Door Panel)
20.0cm ND Low Range Speakers (Door Panel)

Left Neodym High Range speakers (Dashboard)

 Center Mid-Range Speaker (Dashboard)

2 x 13cm Active Sub-woofers (Rear Panel)
2 x 6.5cm Mid/High Range Speakers (Rear Panel)

 I had never heard of Porsche standard 4 speakers system, neither the Sound Package Plus.  So I cannot say how good this BOSE is compared to the other two.  In my opinion, the BOSE packages is more toward audiophile then bass boomer.  Speakers is really loud when turned up.  Clarity is excellent to my standard.  Would wish the bass could be deeper.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project : M In-Car-Entertainment(I.C.E) Completed!

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,  today I would like to show you the newly completed I.C.E for Project:M.  Everything you see here is installed at AutoSmart at Serusop.

KENWOOD DDX-418, 2-Din player that I bought online

Overall I would give this player 4/5.  The interface is not as cool as the Pioneer that was installed in my ER34.  Sound quality wise, I will give it a 4.5/5

 MTX Road Thunder RTS652 & RTC653
Front Door Panel, speakers purchased from AutoSmart

Rear Door panel

Kenwood Mono-Amp installed beneath the passenger seat! 

Pioneer Sub-woofer installed and located in the boot

And finally, the Reverse Camera also had been installed and is located near the license plate area

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Porsche Merchandise - Porsche 911 Speedster Cap

Hi!  Firstly, my apologise for not updating regularly.  Nowadays am really busy due to my usual schedule with business and family.  Nothing much going on with Project:M and as for ER34, still the same old.  Anyway, today I drop-by QAF Eurokars to check on my Porsche Boxster S as it is in the workshop for some minor services.  

Heard of Porsche 911 Speedster before?  Then just check out the pictures below. This is one of my favorite 911 in the range.  Very rare and a what a beaut to look at!
"Porsche is to launch a small series of the new Porsche 911 Speedster. Paying homage to the first Porsche model to bear the name Speedster - the 356 Speedster from 1954 - the new model will be limited to just 356 vehicles. The two seater differs significantly from the other members of the 911 family. In best tradition, the 60 millimetre shorter windscreen, the flat contour of the sporty-looking manual convertible top and the characteristic double bubble on the convertible top compartment lid define the striking profile of the new 911 Speedster. Thereby making this rear-wheel drive vehicle's body, which is 44 millimetres wider at the rear, stand out even more impressively. The new Porsche 911 Speedster combines the classic features of this type of Porsche sports car with the further improved performance of the current 911 generation."

Back to me at QAF EUROKARS.  While I was browsing through the Porsche Merchandise shelf, I came across this cool Porsche 911 Speedster cap from Porsche Design range!   How could I resist?  So I bought the darn cap.  Hehe

No no, I am not getting a Panamera....

The Speedster Cap is color and design of the cap is similar to the interior of 911 Speedster 

The cap cost me BND$38.00 after discount from BND$45.00

I also picked up the latest Tequipment brochure for Boxster!

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Porsche Boxster S

I am speechless after looking at the photos.   What a piece of beautiful machine   compare to my current Boxster.  The front still look more or less the same but check out the LED tail lights!!! What impress me the most is the side,  looks like a mini Carrera GT!  

Damn I am falling for this car!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PROJECT : M - Water Temp Gauge?

Hellow my Readers!  As you know I.C.E of PROJECT:M is now completed.  The next step now for me is to show some pictures and of course plan out what to do next on the car.  

But before I get into that, I would like to talk about my Water Temp gauge.  Well, there is no gauge in the car.  I have no idea or indicator of how cold or hot the radiator is.   So, I plan to install a Water Temp gauge for PROJECT:M

Remember the 52mm Prosport Water Temp Gauge that I bought for ER34?  Well, it is still lying inside my store waiting for installation. LOL.  Was busy with Project:M and totally forgot there are still two more gauges that needed to be installed in ER34

So I took one of the gauge and trial fitted near the steering column.  I had a few spot where I want the gauge to be fitted.  One of them is right on top of the steering column or the other choice is to drill a hole on the dash u see below,  and fitted in there.  What do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Cars/Bikes of Brunei

Something caught my eye when I was outside my store last week.  It was this bike, at first I thought it was a Harley Davidson but upon close inspection, I saw the HONDA logo and then realised that I was wrong.   

Can someone please tell me what HONDA model of this bike?  All I know is this is a very old bike restored to a beautiful piece of machine that you see here!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Solar Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

About a month ago, I purchased this Bluetooth Solar Handsfree Car kit from eBay for my Porsche.  As you know, the car wasn't optioned with Bluetooth, because I think paying an extra $1400 for two button on my dash to just answer call is a bit over price! 

Bluetooth features does come standard in my Peugeot 5008.  The Pioneer player fitted in my ER34 also come with Bluetooth, even the Materia newly fitted Kenwood player also has this feature.  So I might as well get one Bluetooth device for the Boxster as well :)

The item cost only BND$45.00 including shipping from HongKong.  The package comes with the device itself and accessories that includes charger, bracket, suction cup and cables.

It is very simple to use, just pair-up with your mobile and each time you come into the car, turn on the Bluetooth and it will automatically connect to your phone.  There is a LCD display to show you who is calling!

Of course, the main reason for me to purchase this Bluetooth device is its solar charging capability!  

Speaker volume and Mic

On/Off Switches and DC for charging(which you don't need it)


This is the current position of the Solar Powered Bluetooth device on the windscreen of Boxster

The instruction manual said on Stand-by mode it can last for around 2 weeks!

I had been using this to chit-chat with my wife when on way home after work. I must say for $45 bucks it is a well worth gadget to have in you car!  It didn't let me down!