Saturday, December 31, 2016


To All My Readers!

I would like to thanks all of you who had supported this blog for these past years.  This year is a harst one as economy hit Brunei to the core.  Nevertheless our spirit will be strong for the upcoming year and we will continue to fight for the better future!

Thank you everyone who regularly visited this blog and also a big shout out to all the people who chit-chat with me on the chat box! It really help keep this blog alive and well.

I had posted more then 106posts in 2016, the highest ever since I started this blog in 2009.  I look forward for to post more great blogs to share with you guys in 2017!

Wishes everyone enjoy their long weekends and welcoming a fresh New Year!

Eric Lim

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Freebie From Porsche Centre Brunei

Just received this parcel at my gate when I returned home.  Is that time of the year where many dealers when ship out calenders to their customers.  This is the first time I received anything from Porsche Center Brunei.  The reason is they have record of my old address so meaning the pass 5 years all my stuff had been lost to the old home. Lol! I also just realised that when I visited them last month for my gear shift replacement.  Nevertheless, thank you Porsche Center Brunei for the 2017 calender.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - Porsche 911 GT3RS

#credit to the owner of the car
#credit to the owner of the photos

A small convoy of various Porsche models from both Brunei and Malaysia had been spotted near the border to Miri, Sarawak.  One of the them with Malaysian license plate is this camo wrapped 911 GT3RS!  Very cool wrapped in my opinion.  The red car in front is the Porsche 911 Turbo (997.2)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - Audi R8


Spotted this slick Audi R8 (Gen1) sitting at Kiulap area yesterday.  Didn't check on the rear to see if its a V8 or V10 model nevertheless a very beautiful machine.  The car is probably a decade old but still look modern as fxxk!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - JDM Double Trouble!

Long lost brothers reunited!  Bumped into a friend of mine when I was shopping with my wifey at Kiulap area.  This is the No.2 of 4 Lightning yellow in Brunei.  The kit is from C-WEST, a popular bodykit shop from Japan.  The wheels fitted I believed is from Nissan Fairlady/350Z.  Very very  bright cars. LOL

Monday, December 12, 2016

Purple Color Over Stock Lightning Yellow ?

Hey guys... remember I resprayed my car back in 2013?  Well,  this particular shade of purple was my first choice over the factory Lightning yellow.  I almost went with this color but last minute decision I decided to just go back to stock color.  What do you guys think of the color?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - Bentley Bentayga

#credit to the owner of the car
#credit to the owner of these photos

The Bentley Bentayga finally made its appearance in the street of Brunei.  This is a very sinister looking car with contrasting red leather interior.  Possibly one of the most expensive SUV to landed in Brunei, exception for His Majesty even more bad ass Brabus 800.  :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project N.E.S II - Painted Center Console Pt.3

Finally done!!! Turns up way better then I thought.  What do you guys think?  This is also an option from Porsche catalogue.  You can have it painted silver or matching body color.  Price ranging from $1000~$1500.  I got mine painted for only BND$180.00.  The old center console problem is always an eyesore to look at every time I sat inside the car.   Now I can enjoy the newly painted console.  Lap Sing workshop did a phenomenal job with the color matching and paint job!  You guys should look for them when you have body panel to paint or repair. The workshop is also in the progress of transforming a Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi to Mitsubishi Evolution V!!! Yes I am talking about the full widebody with the AWD system. The workshop also handle super cars from my last few visit. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Project N.E.S II - Painted Center Console Pt.2

Woohoo!  Just got all the parts finalised.  I will be sending this back to QAF Porsche to have it refitted.  The color are identical to my car as I found the color code from my order sheet few years ago when I ordered my car.

My Boxster S gearbox linkage parts also arrived recently and is already been replaced!  Will post more tomorrow!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Project N.E.S II - Painted Center Console Pt.1

Hi guys, here is a preview to my Porsche Boxster S newly painted center console! I got this painted at Lap Sing Workshop at Berakas.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Car In Brunei - Porsche 718 Boxster S & Cayman S

Last month and this month alone I had posted about  12 articules about Porsche!!!  Sorry about that guys and YES this is another Porsche post. :) (And a few more before the start of December!)

While I was checking out the GT3RS last week, these two latest beauties was sitting quietly at the corner begging for my attentions.  The first thing I went and check about these cars were their prices!   These two rides are the "S" version will set you around BND$155K~BND$160K range.  Again depend on the options and how deep your wallet are.  These two was pretty much identical in prices.  The spec is pretty loaded as it comes with full leather interior, PDK and many more.  It's pretty cheap if you compare to what I paid last time and compare to the earlier 981 model. 

The car is no longer 6 cyclinders hence the cheaper price(less import tax!).  It is now a turbo-charged 2.5l 4 cylinder boxer engine.  Power come at 350hp for the S and 300hp for the non-S. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Just me and the GT3RS

Today I dropped by at QAF Porsche again to pass them my Boxster S finished center console.  I was so excited when I saw the Lava Orange GT3RS proudly display at the showroom.  Immediately went and take my sweet time to admire this beautiful machine.  No crowd!  Just me and the machine!  So peaceful when you have the time to adore the design and beauty!

This car is pretty much spec up with all the possible options on the catalogue.  If you look at the top photo, the front wheel arch is higher then the rear that is because the Porsche Front Axle Lift system has been activated and raised the car by 30mm.  Those are useful when you traveling to places that has humps or steep road.  

Yes the logo is sticker to save weight! LOL

Very very sticky tires and also very very expensive too!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - 2 Is Better Then 1!

#credit photo to axtel wong & danny
#congratulation to the 2 new car owners
#credit to the 2 new car owners 

We have here two beautiful Lava Orange Porsche 911 GT3RS getting ready for delivery to their new owners!  I have shown you this car when it was still wrapped with delivery cover back at Porsche Center.  

These two GT3RS although have the same color actually is a little bit different.  If you look at the one at the front it has yellow caliper whereas the one behind has the standard red caliper.  What is the difference you ask apart from color? Well, the one with yellow caliper is the optioned Porsche Ceramic Carbon Brake (PCCB).  It cost a whopping USD9300 or BND13,000 in the USA.  Not sure about the price thou in from Porsche Brunei.

The other differences between these two are the elimination of the Roll cage option on the GT3RS with the red caliper.  The GT3RS come standard with rollcage but Porsche can have that remove for you free of charge.

Regardless of what spec these two are still bonker track cars to ever landed in Brunei!  Hope to get to sit in one of this in the future!

Future pro-photographers in action!