Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - Union-Jack Mirror Covers

Hi again readers, today I would like to continue my post on my Project : Blue Devil.  I was planning to have the Union-Jack mirror covers install by QAF but ended up doing it myself after watching a few D.I.Y video from YouTube.   

The process only took me less then 10minutes to complete.  It was so easy and it really save me some $$$ of bringing it over to the agent where they will probably charge me between $50.00 to $100.00.

 The only tool I used - a flat-head screw driver
The yellow arrow is pointing to the cover clip hidden behind the mirror

Now the cover is partially unclipped. I then slowly pull the white covers off from the remaining 5 clips

Tada!!! Loving the new Union-Jack mirror cover

The rear view mirror Union-Jack cover was installed as well!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Next Dream Machine! JAGUAR F-TYPE!

There is a new cat in town!  JAGUAR is back in Brunei!  One of my customer from CH-Toynation email me that he had recently moved to a new car company called INDERA MOTORS, which is the new Jaguar parent company of Brunei.  Jaguar used to be licensed to Premier Motor.

At the same time, JAGUAR also just launched their latest GT model called the F-TYPE in this year Paris Motor Show.  When I first glance at the pictures you see here, I immediately fall in love with the beauty of the car.  Look at it!  It is so beautiful!  I want one!  I will just wait for this beauty to land in Brunei, and if the price is right, who knows I might have one in my garage *_*

The F-Type will be release in 2013 as a MY2014.  As of press release from Jaguar,  the current model is only available in Convertible.  The Grey-colored coupe you looking at here is a prototype but I am sure it will be joining the Jaguar lineup very soon.  There are three engines to choose from 340hp V6 Supercharged, 380hp V6 Supercharged(S-Model) and the almighty 495hp V8!  It only come with 8 speed automatic gearbox. 

Please God, let this car be affordable!