Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MINI Showroom - Friend's New Cooper S Convertible


 Good morning readers,  I was at MINI Showroom on Monday with a good buddy of mine who is about to purchase a spanking brand new MINI Cooper S Convertible.  The picture you are looking at is his new soon to be ride.  Virginia, the same salesperson that handled my car purchases is again been chosen to handle his new car too!  Good services deserved to be well introduce to other prospect customer.  

This color is called Spice Orange,  it is very unique and rare color.  There are not many around in Brunei.  Last I recall seeing one is a Cooper and another demo Cooper S in MINI showroom.

I sure loving the unique sport rims that comes with the car.  Check out my happy friend who is final spot checking on the car.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Side Strips Installation

Good afternoon readers!  The continuation of our Project : Blue Devil newest accessories that I purchased recently.  I am again at WestArt in Gadong for the installation of the JCW side strips.  They are my trusted installer when it comes to exterior installation of strips, license plates or window tints.  Their workmanship is always top quality with reasonable asking price.  Check it out!

The side strips after 15 minutes of short wait 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Side Strips

Good morning readers,  just picked up another additional strips for my Blue Devil.  This box here cost  me BND$150.00 for a pair of JCW side strips.   As usual,  I purchased this from QAF MINI.  Will probably have it installed in the next few days!

 Here is the sample of the JCW Side Strips

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photo-shoots for MINI Cooper Countryman S

Hi there readers,  sorry for not updating as regular as before.  Was tie-up with works and families.  Today post is just simply photoshoot of my little Blue Devil before it was sent for a full JCW transformation.  This was taken at a new industrial area near my parent house.  I chose this place because it is still new and the color of the building really make a good contrast to the car True Blue color.