Friday, August 2, 2013

A Visit to Chrysler showroom...

Good morning Readers!  Today post will kick start with another visit to local showroom.  This is our local Chrysler Showroom in Subangseh, another subsidiary of GHK Groups. 

The car you looking at is Chrysler 300C, the latest sedan from Detriot.  This one here has a 3.6 Pentastar V6 engine.  I don't think they bring in the 5.7 V8 version but they do have the latest 2014 Chrsyler 300C SRT!

This version here cost around BND$80K whereas the SRT version cost a whooping BND$108K!  To be at BND$100K is actually consider affordable if you compare engine capacity.  The SRT is fitted with 6400cc V8 HEMI engine producing 475hp!  If you want this power from a BMW M5 or Mercedes Benz AMG E63, be prepare to pay BND$200K and above.

Anyway this 300C Luxury also comes with all bells and whistles.  It has luxury leather seat, a 8.4Uconnect touch screen infotainment, distant control cruise and a 8 speed automatic transmission.

Me likey!