Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Good afternoon Readers! Today I would like to announce the commencement of a project for my Daihatsu Materia. I simply called it "PROJECT : M"

What will be done to the car? Well please read the lists below:-

  • Front and Rear Bodykit
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Reverse Camera
  • H.I.D/Xenon Lights System
  • Body Repaint

  • 2-Din Player
  • Component Speakers
  • Amplifier
  • Subwoofer
  • Water Temp Gauge

  • Air-Filter(LOL)

  • 16"or 17" After Market Wheels

This is going to be a slow project based on budget, so don't expect me to transform this car overnight. I am expecting this project to finish around mid June 2012. So do come back regularly for future updates!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Gauges For ER34!

Good Morning! A small parcel from US just arrived few days ago. These gauges are meant for ER34. The current Boost and Water Temp gauges in the ER34 is about 7 years old and I am kinda bore of it. ^_^ So I went online and bought these US branded gauges.

Will post more updates when I have it install at workshop hopefully next week or so!

Boost gauge and Water Temp!

52mm Prosport Boost Gauge

52mm Prosport Water Temp Gauge

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New BOSCH Wipers For Materia

Good morning! Another new parts replacement for the Materia that I purchased at Qlap Hua-Ho Department store. This is BOSCH wiper and it cost $12.00++ each after discount. I was going to go for PIAA wipers but given it cost $60+ per wiper, I decided to give skip it and give BOSCH a try.

I bought the 19" and 21" size for the front windscreen wipers

Not sure this is original or bootleg BOSCH items as the label printed "MADE IN CHINA"

....hopefully it's original because judging from the packaging, it sure does looks like it has the quality and performance

More update soon when I installed the wiper!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Interior Carpet for Materia

Good afternoon Readers! Todays post is nothing big deal, just some car carpet I bought from Manggis Hua-Ho for $20++. The one in the car was pretty worn out so I decided to purchase this whole set. Check it out!

For $20++ it comes in 5 pieces, 2 for the front and 3 for the rear

Extra grip for the carpet

Just like new car...hehe

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daihatsu Materia Interior Saved by LYCROS Enterprise

Good morning! There is one thing I forgot to mention in my last was the Materia interior. Black fabric material is the standard interior fitted from factory. So when I test drove the car, I didn't notice any stains. But when the key was officially handled to me and I took the car home for a thorough inspection, I found out how freaking dirty the seats were!

I really don't know what kind of stains were on the seats as it looks pretty disgusting. LOL. When I was at the previous owner house, I saw that they had three kids, so I think part of the stains could be contributed by the kids.

Can you spot the stains?

Driver's Side

Passenger Side - I really wonder what kind of stain this is, from human? Ewwww......

Rear Bench Seat - the worst of the worst!

Thank goodness, I got a good friend called Louis Wong(8981773) who recently ventured into automotive cleaning business called LYCROS ENTERPRISE.

The best part of Lycros Enterprise is that they are a Mobile Cleaning Center. They can go to any places in Brunei to clean your car, room or whatever that needs to be clean! They uses Korean technology and machine to steam wash your car so no wastage of water. Hence, the "Eco Friendly" logo on the top of the name card!

Mr Louise Wong (please ignore the "Satan inside" logo) LOL, He is here to save my MATERIA interior ass! He dropped by at CH-Toynation, how convenient!

These are the machines that will help revive my MATERIA interior

The STEAM machine

The Air-Con Disinfectant AC21 from Germany


See that pair of gloves? Those are MicroFibre gloves(USA) to protect the exterior and interior of my car(not his hands, :P). This help prevent unnessary scratches on the exterior and interior of the vechicle.

I like it when a person is thorough with their job, this is when you know your car is in good hand!


Driver's Seat

Front Passenger Seat

Rear Seats

Perfectly cleaned and executed! Now my car seriously look like a new car, haha. A big shout out to Mr Louise from Lycros Enterprise for the good job on cleaning up the Materia messes! He even throw in free extra service on cleaning my whole interior carpet! ^_^

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why I Chose the Daihatsu Materia?

Before I officially kick start my little PROJECT:MATERIA, I would like to share a bit more about the Daihatsu Materia with my readers.

Manufacturer : Daihatsu
Model :
Materia(Asia, Europe, Australasia), Coo (Japan)
Class : 5 Door Mini MPV
Engine : 1.5L 3SZ-VE
Engine HP :
Torque :
141 N-m
Transmission :
4 speed Automatic
Related to :
Toyota bB Gen.2, Subaru Dex

Click For Larger View

Did you know that Daihatsu Materia/Coo, Toyota bB Gen.2 and Subaru Dex all shared the same chassis and body. The only differences between these three cars are the front bumper, rear bumper and some interior specification. They even shared the same engine, transmission and are all manufactured from the same factory.

When Toyota launched the new bB Gen.2, I immediately fall in love with the shape of the car. I was so disappointed when I found out it was a Japanese Domestic market(JDM) car. BUT, when Daihatsu Materia was announced, I was jumping back in joy as it is a world market car. Sadly I didn't manage to buy the car because I already purchased the LEXUS IS300 six month prior its launch in Brunei. At that time, I was in need of a car and wasn't sure the local Daihatsu agent will bring in the car or not.

When I was searching for a used car for my CH-Toynation back in Feb 2011, there is no doubt the Daihatsu Materia is high on my list. I was planning to get the new KIA SOUL but due to budget concern I decided to stick to Materia.

While searching for the right car, I came across 3 different Daihatsu Materia for sale by both dealer and private owner. One dealer was selling at $17,700 and the other private was selling for $15,500. Both were the same color of Grey but both were in lousy condition and it was very high in mileage. Luckily I waited for a while and finally found one sweet White Materia(Yeap, I didn't know it was Bluish White Pearl) advertised in some Used-Car website. I contacted the owner and arranged for a test drive. Once the deal was done and wah-la, now I am the proud owner of this Materia.

This Daihatsu Materia will get its best treatment from me just like his other older siblings! :)
Thank you for reading!!!

Introducing My Ride No.4, Daihatsu Materia!

Good Morning! Yes! This is my Ride No.4, the DAIHATSU MATERIA that I acquired no more then 2 weeks ago! As mentioned earlier on, I was searching for a car so that I can promote my CH-Toynation. After the long search, I finally found one which was also once in my want-to-own list before my Lexus IS300.

When I went and check out the car, I was caught by surprise to see the car has the same body color(Bluish Pearl White) as my ex-Lexus IS300. The mileage on the dial also just passed 30,000km, very low given that it is a 4 years old car.

The car is well maintained by the previous owner but do have some problems when I was testing it. Firstly, there were 4 small dents on the drivers side door. Apart from that, there is nothing much that I can complaint given the great condition and accident free on the MATERIA.

I am also in the process of ordering parts and accessories for this MATERIA. LOL. Soon, you will see more updates and changes on this ride. So there you go, Eric's Ride No.4, if you were expecting a sport car then I am sorry that I disappoint you. LOL. Keep watch!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Ride No.4, Coming Soon!

Back in March, if readers can recall I mentioned about getting a small car to promote my CH-Toynation shop. Guess what? I FOUND IT! And I will announce it very soon!