Friday, April 16, 2010

ER34 featured in SHIFT

Finally, it has been published. If readers can recall, HKS SHHProshop invited HyperTune to Brunei for some photo shoots of the local JDM cars done and modified by HKS SHHProshop. A few had been published in HyperTune and a few were selected for publishes in HyperTune sister magazine, SHIFT.

So there you have it, my ER34 had been selected for SHIFT magazine. Problem is, the article is written in Bahasa Melayu, the subject which I failed big time in my primary school years. LOL. Need translator here and enjoy the reading!

Shift Vol:41

"Stepbrother"....the title makes me laugh....

Apparently, I was told we can't get SHIFT magazine in Brunei. Hmmm, I need to grab one copy for collection sake.

Monday, April 5, 2010

NISMO wing struts

I had been searching for these pair of NISMO wing struts for *ah-hem*...9 years!!!! I tried to source the original NISMO item but it has been discontinued! Honestly I never thought someone in Australia would actually replicate the whole struts. I bought it online and had it sent to my Australia home and had it brought back by my family recently.

I have to say the quality is top notch. My best $380 spent on my ER34. I will now keep this nicely inside my storeroom until May when my little ER34 will go into Wong Workshop for a full respray!

Nismo Wing Struts

Here is the parcel

The Wing struts

Instructions from the online seller

Now, I will try to get this item from HKS SHH-Proshop and hopefully it is still available in NISMO. Or else the worst senario is to use carbon decals and stickers.