Friday, April 29, 2011

Peugeot Lion Soft Toy for the little one...

Yeah! Our very first PEUGEOT Merchandise. As I like to repeat again and again, I am fond of Original Manufacturer merchandise. All my cars that I owned, will have at least one merchandise in my collection.

This one was given by Syful, our salesman of Peugeot for my little boy.

A plush lion toy with Peugeot T-shirt

Sadly, it is "Made in Thailand" not "Made in France"....LOL

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Porsche Boxster caught testing!!!

Wow, the new Porsche Boxster had been caught testing out in the open with heavy camouflage. News has it that Porsche will unveil this car sometime Jan 2011 at the Detroit Auto Show. As expected, this new Boxster will be more of the evolution of 987 than a revolution. Porsche always love to stay truth to its original design. So don't expect much visual differences. One thing for sure is that the side mirror had been moved from the A-pillar to the door panel.

I think the new Boxster will be getting the Cayman style spoiler

The front windscreen is lower and slicker!!! Damn!!!

Really can't wait to see this Gen.III Boxster

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Problem with Boxster S due to my carelessness!!!! Pt.2

Click Here for Pt.1

Finally, I got back my Boxster S from QAF PORSCHE last Thursday. With the problems that had affected the car, most of it had been rectified. The only problem left now is the convertible roof(remember it auto open when it is still latched) where two push-rods are damaged. Again, I have to wait for the push-rods from Germany. As for the two control units that will set me back BND$3000.00, well thank goodness it is covered by the PORSCHE warranty. Phew~~

Upon getting my car, I make a quick inspection to make sure my car is OK before they handed me the key(everyone should do this to prevent any damage done by any workshop before hand). Upon opening the rear boot, I found my BOSE Active subwoofer hidden in the trunk!! I was surprised it was taken out and not put it back in place. Then the PORSCHE mechanic explained to me to better had it removed first until the roof push-rods arrive. So they do not have to remove the subwoofer twice and to also prevent damages or scratches on it.

Remember in my previous post about "The Other Half Brother of Boxster S", this subwoofer was supposed to be sitting just behind the rear sit on top of the engine cover(red arrow shown below). Now my car look like a normal BOXSTER from rear view.... LOL

Now, a quick tour around of the BOSE Active subwoofer. This subwoofer is actually part of the BOSE Surround Sound System that I optioned when I ordered the car. It is a full 5.1 surround sound system and cost me about $3500++

I actually had never seen the subwoofer myself as it was already pre-installed when I took delivery of the car. Now looking and holding it, it is quite compact and light.

Made In Germany - BOSE

Air-Vent for that needed BASS!

6.5cm Mid/High range BOSE Speaker X 2

13cm Low range BOSE Speaker X 2

Now I am a bit at ease as the car has finally returned back to me. Although there are still parts need to be replace, at least on the safe side the car is drivable and the water had not done too much serious damages. Hopefully....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Very First PUG!!!!! Part.2

Click here for PT.1

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today, I would like to introduce my new third ride, the latest compact MPV PEUGEOT 5008. I bought it brand new from the one and only Brunei Peugeot dealer at T.C.Y Motors new showroom near Qlap roundabout. This would be my second car from T.C.Y Motors(Nissan ER34 was the first). The salesman who handled our paper work is Syful(you guys should look for him if you ever getting a Peugeot, he is great at his service!). The color you are looking at is called "Vapor Grey".

I just took a few quick snap shots of the car but will take proper picture soon once I find the right background. Here are a few sneak peek or you can just go Google it.

Lots of chrome ! LOL

We chose this car over the other models for several main reasons. Firstly is the safety, this car received 5 stars in the EURO NCAP crash test. Secondly is the equipments that is loaded in the car. Thirdly will be the interior space. I will run through all the details sometime soon.

The badge is pronounced as "Five Thousand and Eight"

Our new cool 5008 center console and dashboard!

My current favorite view inside the car

To Be Continued.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

ER34 Puncture!

Apa la!!! My bad days with my cars keeps on coming! This time involving my ER34, while traveling to work I noticed something is not right with the riding and steering. So I stopped nearby the road at Sg.Akar Highway to check out what is going on with car. And what do you know, a tire puncture!!!

I had to call up a friend to pick me up so that I can go back to my store to grab my original 17" wheels to temporary replace the punctured tire. Luckily I know a friend who own a tire shop who kindly loan me one of his man to help me replace the tire.....hehe

Can you see the crack line near the tire wall ? Luckily I wasn't speeding at that time

What does this mean? More unnecessary spending of $$$$!!!! Haiyaaaaaaaaaa.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Problem with Boxster S due to my carelessness!!!! Pt.1

What has this water container got to do with my Porsche Boxster?

Please read on!
(Yea, even my water container is yellow in color, LOL)

If you may recall in my last few posts, I mentioned a few times about my Porsche doing "something" at Porsche QAF? Well, today I will let you know what that something is! I will keep the story short and quick to read cause I don't want to bored the sh*t out of you.

Ok, here goes the story.......
A month ago, I brought along my water container(picture at top of the page) above to work. I had it placed on the footwell of the passenger seat. While I was doing a right-turn at Kiulap, the water container tip over and the cover opened up and 90% of my drinking water spilled out to the passenger floor!!!

Pictures below all taken at QAF

So I quickly zoom to my Kiulap shop and took out a towel to have the carpet clean up. When I got out of the car, the car started to go berserk.

  • Rear LED tail lamp started to blink like its Christmas Season in March!!!
  • The spoiler started to go up and down for no apparent reason!!!
  • The roof auto opened up with my latch still locked!!!

I know by then worst had happened, my guess would be electrical or cable problems beneath the passenger seat.

Porsche Boxster, 968 and 911

Fearing for the worst, I quickly drove to QAF to have the car checked by the Porsche specialists. Luckily at that time, there were two Germans from Porsche AG on duty to train the Porsche staff. They took out my passenger seat and mentioned to me that there are several Control Units underneath the passenger seat. My body just went numb when they mentioned that to me. I said to myself this is going to be a costly stupid mistake I had ever done on my car.....

The guys at Porsche asked me to leave the car in the workshop so they can find out what damaged had been done by the water. So I just left car with the trusty people from Porsche workshop and of course at that time I am preparing for more worst news to come.

The next day, I popped into the Porsche workshop again and speak to one of the service person. He kindly said to me that there are four control units affected by the water. Two control units they managed to save but the other 2 control units weren't that lucky. I was told it needed to be replaced. The price for the control units? $3000 for both and the worst news keeps on coming as they do not have stock and I needed to wait 3 weeks for it to be imported from Germany. I was told to drive the car home instead of leaving it in the workshop.

So there you go with the BOXSTER S story, I had been waiting for the parts for almost four weeks. Last few days, I called and checked that the parts had arrived. So I dropped by BOXSTER S to the workshop last Thursday. At this moment, I am still awaiting for my car, we shall see how the news goes.....

The jammed spoiler!

To Be Continued....

Friends Rides - Harley Davidson Forty-Eight Sportster

It seem like lots of my friends are buying new rides in the the month of April! One of my buddy just took delivery of his new HOG! This is Harley Davidson latest Sportster Forty-Eight. This one here already had some mods done to it. It is fitted with Harley Davidson ScreamEagle Exhaust and fuel gauges. Both are genuine products by H-D of course. Enjoy the pictures!

The bike is so cool and retro ~!

Soon, I will get my hands on the bike.....

Twin Screamin' Eagle with exhaust jackets

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Other Half Brother of Boxster S

These photos were taken when I dropped of my BOXSTER S for something at QAF Eurokars. Lets distinguish the differences between a BOXSTER and a BOXSTER S, visually of course!

Generally, with the untrained eye you will not notice the differences. The visual appearances of both cars are almost identical.

First thing of course is the logo is missing a "S", although you can purchase the "S" from the PORSCHE dealer

This red BOXSTER do not have Bi-Xenon HID and DRL(Daytime Running Lights) as it wasn't optioned in the spec sheet

If you view a BOXSTER from the back, the first thing you must check is the exhaust tailpipe. BOXSTER only come with a single tailpipe whereas BOXSTER S come with twin tailpipe

Air intake grilles is painted same as body color whereas BOXSTER S is painted in Black. No LED DRL here, just a few halogen bulbs. LED can be seen here identical to BOXSTER S

The standard view standing from behind into the interior. This one here is not equipped with Sound Package Plus or BOSE surround sound sytem.

This is how it looks from behind if its equipped with BOSE surround sound sytem

BOXSTER come with Black painted caliper whereas BOXSTER S come painted in red as standard. If you see Yellow painted caliper in any PORSCHE models, it means the owner had optioned the PCCB brake system(BND$15,000). The wheels shown here is CAYMAN II wheels, as the name suggested it is an optioned wheels from the CAYMAN models. Standard wheels is 17" in size and the rims is called Boxster III wheel.

Regardless of the appearances, the base BOXSTER does provide one of the best ride in it's category and had won a lot of awards too!

Hopefully we will get to see these "Black Edition" Porsche soon in Brunei

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seperated at Birth ?

Seperated at birth? You guys see any similarities front bumper intake grille ?


Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept

Ok, they are not totally identical but close enough. Must be the new design for the modern front grille.

Which one would you prefer? For Me? AUSSIE MUSCLE of course !!!!!! This yellow HOLDEN HSV GTS/Vaxhaull VXR8 sure look good in my garage.....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Very First PUG!!!!! Part.1

Oh Yes!!! Today I took delivery of my new Third Ride!!! Yahoo!!! After searching here and there for our ride, we finally made the final call. Yeap ladies and gentlemen, we bought our very first French cuisine, PEUGEOT. Our very first French car from PUG!

It is a great experience and excitement as we never had French car in our family. Will get into our new PEUGEOT when I have the time to take some nice photos.

PEUGEOT showroom - T.C.Y Motors

Inside the PEUGEOT Showroom

My wife waiting anxiously for our new car to arrive

Yes, this is my new car! How I wish!


I really don't mind this as well, loving the RC-Z every time I see it!

That "Bubble Roof" sure is one hell of a classic design!

19" WHEELS really rocks!

To Be Continued.....