Monday, July 27, 2015

My Trip To Brisbane, Australia Pt.5

We were at Garden City of Mouth Gravatt and came across an INFINITI showroom inside the mall.  Well this is common in some country but not in Australia. Infact this is the first time I saw a showroom inside a mall in Australia.  I took a quick look on their range and found the Infiniti Q50 & Q60 are actually re-batch of Nissan Skyline found in Japan.

Check out the price of the Infiniti Q50,  $49990!  That is quite a bargain if you ask me given the luxury marque is competing with BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4!

In case you didn't know INFINITI actually is a brand sponsor for REDBULL F1 Racing Team.  Daniel Riccardio wallpaper is proudly presented because he is also an Aussie from Perth, Western Australian!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Trip To Brisbane, Australia Pt.4

8th Gen Honda Civic

Continuation of my trip to Brisbane.  I spotted these two Honda's from my relative house and a parking lot.  I really have no idea why  we do not get these version in Brunei.  The brown color is the 8th Generation 4-door version which we do get the 2 door version in Brunei.  The silver color is the latest 9th generation Honda Civic that has yet to appear in Brunei.  What do you think? Good looking Honda Civic?

9th Gen Honda Civic

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Trip To Brisbane, Australia Pt.3

Here is Part 3 of car spotting in Brisbane, Queensland.  I spotted this cool AMG CLA45 at a shopping mall and the color immediately caught my attention.  I am sure this color is not in the catalog but it is an official color from AMG called SolarBeam Yellow.  I have to say this color look super awesome on a CLA45.

Spotted a Hyundai Veloster Turbo, the price?  about BND$28000+

Sadly. we do not have FIAT in Brunei just yet.  This particular model is called Fiat 500 and cost only AUD$17000, which is about BND$18000!  What a bargain!

Spotted a ER34 with a mixture of bodykit at UQ

I actually saw this car in some Australian Tourism advert and was hopping to catch a glimps of the ride.   We were on way way home and finally spotted this cool stretch Hummer H2T driving around Surfer Paradise!  Not sure how much it cost to rent this.

This is one of the my favorite pizza place!  The car is the new Toyota Yaris which we do not get in Brunei

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Trip To Brisbane, Australia Pt.2


One thing I noticed when holidaying in Brisbane is personalized plate for your ride.  They range from AUD$300 upward to a few grand.  I snapped a few rides that had some cool plates.  Check it out!

"JAS 240"

"ERC 33"... ERIC 33?

"GAO-888", "GAO" most likely is the surname of the owner with "888" which also mean prosperous

Spotted this in GoldCoast, "BBEECH", could be bitch or


"KAI MEI" which means stepsister in chinese


This cool M5 with "LIMPOPO".  I saw a similar clothing store with the same name at GoldCoast


"18-YAN" and  "018-OMG"

"54MIR" = SAMIR?
"FDT-04" I think this is one of the affordable personalized plate, probably cost around $300 bucks

If only Brunei allowed personalized plate....

Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Trip To Brisbane, Australia Pt.1

Holden HSV Monaro GTO with personalized plate!

Hi Readers!  Sorry for not posting in the past 2 weeks as I was having my family holiday at Brisbane, Australia.  It was a fun filled trips.  I also drove to Gold Coast as part of my holiday plan.  Along the way I encountered a lot of nice rides.  Rides which never made it to Brunei anymore, such as Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.  Here are some pictures I took while holidaying down under! Enjoy!

 My all time favorite HSV, the MALOO R8, which also mean "Thunder" in Aborigines

New Generation Holden Commodere SV6 (VF Series)

Another Holden Monaro with personalized plate "POWRED"

Holden SV6 UTE

This type of Sports Ute is common in Australia.  People uses them to carry tools or goods around.  It is a 2 seater and you can have them in V6 all the way to the HSV V8 performance series.

When Old VZ Series and New Met VF Series

Another Made-In-Australia, the famous Ford Falcon.  Direct competition of Holden Commodore

The Ford Falcon XR6 Sports Ute

Sadly we won't be seeing any Made In Australia Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon in 2-3 years time.  They will be discontinued and will no  longer be made as GM, Ford and Toyota are shutting down their factories in down under.