Saturday, May 30, 2009

ER34 featured at happy when someone told me my ER34 are featured in one of the most visited local car website, www.BRUNEIMOTORS.COM. Here are the pictures taken from their site. You can also see more nicely taken and edited car pictures on the SHHProshop photoshoot session. I would like to say thanks to BruneiMotors for putting my cars in their website.

*pictures taken and edited by BruneiMotors

ER34 Photoshoot by Hypertune Magazine

The pictures below were taken by Carrine from SHH-Proshop. Pictures were nicely shot and angled pretty well. Thanks Carrine! Reader please enjoy the freshly taken pictures below.

Friday, May 29, 2009

ER34 to be featured on Hypertune Magazine!

A photoshoot session was organised by SHH-Proshop recently when I was away in Perth, Australia. Hypertune Magazine, one of Malaysia top aftermarket magazine was invited to take pictures of SHH-Proshop featured cars. Danny, owner of the workshop coordinally invited my car to be one of their featured cars along with a few cars from my car group SSC (Street Spec Cruisers). Below are Day 1 pictures taken on the SHH-Proshop workshop. pictures taken by Herry Mars

The chosen featured cars....

....more chosen one!

Another angle view

My ER34

ER34 surrounded by Supra & STi

Mr Ohura-San from HKS Thailand

(personally I like this picture a lot! Thx Jerry)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ER34 Interior 2009

This is the current look of my ER34 interior. From this view you can see my new Pioneer 2-Din CD player (FH-P6050UB) installed just not too long ago. NISMO Leather Gearknob and NISMO Cigarette lighter starter switch can be seen here, both were purchased from SHH-Proshop and if I am not mistaken the cigarette lighter is already a discontinued item in NISMO catalogue. On top of the 3 gauges stood my DEFI VSD Concept. Nothing much apart from the newly replaced of OEM Manual Gearbox Console.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Replacement of Reverse Tail Lights

Just purchased a pair of reverse tail light from Danny of SHH Proshop. If you look at the picture, the driver's side reverse tail light had some "leaking mark" on it. That is what you get when someone are over jealous of your ride. Around 2004, went home after work and found my rear had been splashed with paint removal acid. Luckily the boot and bumper were immediately repaired and repainted. Sadly, the reverse tail light was made of plastic and the acid had eaten through the plastic deeply. Now finally after all those years of waiting, I had finally decided to get a pair of OEM reverse taillight and replaced the old n torn tail lights.

"Leaking Mark" on right reverse tail light

OEM Nissan Reverse tail lights

Unscrewing the.....screws !

Old items removed

Surprising the new OEM Reverse tail light came with new plug and blub

My little doggy....Fatty!!!....

...checking out what I am doing...

New OEM Reverse tail lights installed!!!

My ER34 and My wife NC

Was celebrating Mother's Day at this location and so coincidently got the same parking as my wife Little NC. So grab my crappy N95 phone and took a picture. Haha, nothing much.