Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Accessories for Boxster or a sign for a second Project ?

This one here is an original Porsche parts that I bought from an online store in USA. This is a Porsche Cayman rear spoiler and it cost me $270++ including shipping. I won't reveal much for now.

For now, I am just buying and collecting parts here and there as my car is still under warranty from Porsche, but once the warranty period is expired.....*he*he*he

Is this the start of my Project Porsche Boxster S? Hehehe, do I dare to say yes? Time will tell.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

987 Gen I & 987 Gen II

Took these shots using my new NOKIA E7 when I was about to take my car from QAF EUROKARS. I never realized GEN.I Boxster had different headlamp as GEN.II! They look identical but they are not.

Hey! My car is not for sale ok!

This one is optioned with Cocoa Cabriolet roof and Sand Beige interior. Check out those black wheels. Stock rims never look so nice!

I like the idea of the BOXSTER logo painted it in gloss black! Neat!

Porsche Boxster S Finally Fixed!

Oh yes! The damn roof is fixed! My car was returned to me yesterday morning. I am so relieved that everything is back to normal. Lesson learned! NEVER put your drinks inside your car!

On another topic, I found these two "push-rods" behind my boot. I took it out for close inspection and found a very stupid mistake from QAF.

Firstly, the "push-rods" were not broken. The only broken parts that I can see is the little white plastic bushing. That white "bushing" can actually be unscrewed and replaced. If you look at the yellow arrow, that is the indicated broken parts. I was told the whole piece needed to be replaced when all you really needed to replace is the two little bushing that maybe costing a few bucks?

The costs of the whole push-rods, labor and this and that costs me $400++

Yesterday it was raining heavily and hopefully tonight will be a calm night.
I can't wait to drive with the top down tonight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peugeot 5008 Brochure from UK

Nothing much for this week apart that today my BOXSTER S is finally going in to workshop to have its final problem fix. Yes I am talking about the push-rod for the roof. Lets hope everything will go well in QAF Workshop.

Anyway, I bought these brochures from UK eBay. If you didn't know, I do collect car brochure. And owning brochureS for cars that I owned is a MUST! Sadly, our local Peugeot dealer do not have brochure for 5008 so I had to purchase these for about $12 bucks including shipping. The brochure you are looking at are the Peugeot 5008 brochure and the Accessories brochure.

These brochure are for UK Spec Peugeot 5008

Accessories Brochure

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BOXSTER S Tire Puncture!!!!

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I don't know what you call this, bad luck or lucky????? Few weeks ago, a punctured front passenger side tire on ER34 caused me to stop in the middle of a highway. Today, with my happy mood I planned to drive my Porsche to work until I noticed the car is slanting a little bit to the drivers side. Upon close inspection, I found a punctured rear driver side tire !!! Is this de ja vu??? The only lucky bit is this time I noticed it before I leave my home.

Who can beat me with two punctures on two different cars in less than a month!!!! Please don't tell me there will be a third puncture involving my Peugeot.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re-Fresh ER34 - BRIDE Interior Done!!!

Firstly my apologize for the delay on Re-Fresh ER34, I was busying on my business and also awaiting a booking slot for my usual workshop to fix my ER34. Finally after so long~ LOL....ER34 BRIDE interior is finally 100% completed. I only got one picture to tease for now as there is still bits and pieces to finalized. Once it is done, I will have a proper shot of the interior.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supercar Modification Scene!

Here is something a bit different from modify scene. We are so used to JDM, Euro or Korean mod scene in Brunei but how about Supercar mod scene? How about a couple of 1000hp++ twin turbo Lambo Gallardo, 1000hp++ Dodge Viper or Turbocharged + nitrous 300hp++ Suzuki Hayabusa Superbike?

Enjoy the video!
(Turn up your volume!)