Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Baby Javier face a Porsche Cayman S!

Few months ago, Porsche announced that if you "LIKE" them in Facebook and if it reaches 2million "LIKE" they will have a surprise for everyone! Here is what they give to all 2million "Like" user in FB.  

I saw this publicity on FB and quickly "LIKE" them.  True enough, they prepared a very unique Cayman S with 2million faces printed on the car.  Here are the official pictures I got from Porsche dedicated website.  This unique Porsche Cayman S is now on display at Porsche Museum in Germany!  How I wish I can fly there to check it out!

Click here to go to the website or Click the Picture

Type in my name "ERIC LIM" and wa-laa, it will show me where is my picture is located in the Cayman S!

See the arrow pointing near to the Number 2?

The final close-up picture actually showing my little boy sitting on my Porsche Boxster S!  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

This is Hyundai Veloster, pictures below were taken at an exhibition at Brunei Waterfront recently with a buddy of mine.  The first time I saw this car when it was announced online, I wasn't really WOW by the car looks.  The only thing that catch my attention were the doors layout(one door on drivers side and two doors on the passengers).  When I finally catch a glimpse of the actual thing,  I was really blown away by the front design, rear design(especially) and interior space!

The best part of this car is the price.  A standard spec Veloster will set you around 25k to top spec version which cost less then $29k, that is real bargain to me! Of course, since it is so cheap it would be expected to be everywhere on the road.  In fact, I saw almost every single colors of the Veloster that is running around in Brunei road.

Yes it comes in my favorite colors too!

Really sick LED taillamp!


A few months after the announcment of the Veloster,  Hyundai teased us with another variant.  This is the TURBO version which will be released by the end of 2012!  Now I really really want to get this bloody car!!!

Hide beneath the hood is a 200hp front wheel driver turbo-charged engine.  It is coupled with a six-speed manual transmission.  Auto will be option but that is for pussy....LOL

The Turbo version has a different but meaner grille and different fog light design

The rear has a roof spoiler, different bumper plus exhaust tips

Lets see if this car will ever make it into Brunei, if it does......who knows a Yellow Veloster Turbo or this Matt Grey could be in my drive way....Muahahaha

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Porsche Boxster S at M-WAX Enterprise

It's the time of the year where my car will get its body waxed once every year.  I usual preferred place is at AUTO WERKE at GADONG. This time I decided to to use this company because a friend of mine introduced them to me.  This place is called M-WAX Enterprise and is located at the new Gadong Central.  They were having a promotion when I dropped Boxster S.  The whole package cost only BND$150.00.  The car care products they used are MOTHER from the State.

Before the polishing....


With roof down....

What do I think?
The first thing that turn me off when I dropped my car there were the workers were not wearing any uniforms.  To me, attire is very important.  It show you how much you are committed to your product. The workers attires were simple t-shirts, short pants and sandal to wash and polish customer cars. LOL
The end result of my Boxster S is acceptable but I think if I let Auto Werke do the job, they could had done a better job.  But for $150.00 I am not complaining.

Verdict :  I think I prefer Auto Werke the next time I bring my car in for polishing....