Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I just wet my pants.....

LOOK AT IT!!!! ONE WORD, "DAMNNNNNNNN!!!!!".  So freaking good looking car from Porsche latest 2011 911 Convertible (991).  I just found my next dream convertible machine and this is IT!  Only if I can print money.......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

PROJECT : N.E.S.II - Cayman Spoiler Removed!

Yes you read that right!  I removed the Cayman spoiler and replaced the original Boxster spoiler back again.  The Cayman spoiler lasted no more than 5 days. LOL.  My wife also agreed we should removed it for now.

Why?  Main reason is, the spoiler looks kinda out of place without body kits to match the Boxster body line.  I think the best option for now is to find a suitable body kit for my little Boxster S to match the Cayman spoiler.

Project : N.E.S.II is now on standing by. Haha!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Porsche Merchandise - 911 Turbo Pendrive

Another Porsche Merchandise recently purchased in QAF.  This is PORSCHE DESIGN 911 Turbo 2gig Pendrive.   The model is manufactured by MINICHAMP(popular scale car company) and licensed by Porsche Design. .  The item cost me BND$68.00.  Very expensive for a 2gig Pendrive.  Then again I am always a sucker for Porsche Merchandise.

The whole car is chromed!

Once plugged, the LED headlamp will light-up!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

PROJECT : N.E.S.II - Cayman Spoiler

Good Morning !  Today will mark the day the commencement of PROJECT : N.E.S.II!  I never thought I would say this so soon but Yes! I am going to start modding the Porsche.  Not going to be excessive on the car, just mild mod like body parts and wheels. Oh! If you are wondering what N.E.S II stand for, its 987 = Nine, Eight, Seven and the "II" stand for Ver.2 which you all know is my current model Boxster manufacturer code.

First PROJECT : N.E.S II post is the rear spoiler.  I have always been very keen on the Cayman spoiler.  I do like the Boxster spoiler but when it is extended it is not as good looking as the Cayman.  When extended, the Cayman spoiler look more sporty and from a far it looks like a duck tail at the end of the car stream line.

Boxster spoiler when extended.  Spoiler blend with body line
 Cayman spoiler when extended.  Duck-tail looks!

If Readers can recall on May this year I posted a new accessory for Boxster S.  Well, if you can tell from the picture, it is a rear Cayman spoiler that I bought online.  It is a genuine Porsche item for $270.00.

Last weekend, I took some free time at home and decided to D.I.Y the Cayman spoiler. I prepared myself by reading the "How to Change Cayman spoiler" on Porsche Forum and also prepared the right tools for this D.I.Y job.

The spoiler had 3 plastic rivets which need to be removed before getting into the spoiler assembly. The yellow pointy tool was used to poke the plastic rivets

Once all 3 rivets is out, I disassembled the top spoiler section

Now to remove the lower spoiler assembly, I need a 13mm socket.  I couldn't find any 13mm socket at home so ended up purchasing a whole socket set at HuaHo Dept for $19.90.

You can say this is my first Socket sets.  LOL

13mm Socket head

Lower part of the spoiler assembly

13mm nuts located both at the left and right side of lower part spoiler assembly

Now that I had completely removed the original Boxster spoiler, all I need now is to install the Cayman spoiler and do all the steps in reverse.  And here is the end result!!!

Spoiler when retracted

Spoiler when extended

More pictures coming very soon!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Porsche Optional Equipment - Wind Deflector

Hi again! Today will be another post for Porsche Boxster S.  This time I want to talk about the Porsche Optional Equipment Wind Deflector that I optioned when ordering the car.

It is a three piece items consist of 2 Roll-bar Mesh(left and right) and 1 Rear Windscreen.  Combined all three you got what Porsche called WIND DEFLECTOR.  It is sold as a set and cost me $750.00. Price also included a protector cover to protect the Wind Deflector when not in use.

Well, for those first timer,  do not opt this equipment if you have the chance.  Why?  After ordering my car,  I found out you can get this on other Porsche Online shop for half the price :(