Thursday, June 27, 2013

Visit to Indera Motors Showroom

Today I pay a visit to a new showroom in town called INDERA MOTORS.  This new company is now currently the authorised distributor of Jaguar & Range Rover in BRUNEI!  Jaguar has been absent in Brunei scene for quite sometime and was last imported by Premier Motors whereas  Range Rover last owner was QAF Motors(yes the same company that owned BMW, MINI & PORSCHE).

When I walked into the showroom, this hot red Jaguar XFR stood out from the whole showroom floor.  This is one of the top range XF with V8 Supercharged!  The engine produced a raw 500hp capable of flying off the 0-100km/hr mark in less then 5 secs!  Price is estimated to be BND198,000.

The XF below is the normal version which is fitted with 3.0 V6 engine. Estimated price is around BND$100,000

This black cat below is the new Jaguar XJ, the largest Jaggggggg in the range.  I was told it is fitted with 2.0L 4cyclinder engine!!@#  First thing came into my mind was WTF is a 2.0 doing in such a big car???  Seriously come on,  even though it is turbo-charged, the 4 bangers might have trouble hauling this big cat(in my opinion).

My first encounter with a full LCD instrumental cluster!  It was so cool to see the screen when you started the engine.  Having the privilege to own and drive so many luxury cars in my life I have to say my first time sitting inside a Jaguar is sure as impressive as the first time I sat in my family S-Class and 7 Series.  Opening a Jaguar door is also quite a feat because it is very solid and yes the feel is heavy! LOL

This is the only Range Rover available in the showroom.  I was told the rest of the range will be arriving later in the year.  This silver EVOQUE is a diesel fitted engine.  Price is BND$109,000.  Not bad if you ask me, the car itself is loaded with options.

In case you didn't know, Jaguar owned Range Rover hence the sharing of the motorized pop-up gearknob.  Again, in case you didn't know, both are owned by Indian conglomerate, TATA Motors!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Project : Blue Devil Completed!

 Good morning readers!  Today I am glad to announce the completion of our MINI Countryman S Project : Blue Devil!  I didn't expect to finish the project so early.  LOL.  Well if you look at the pictures there are some area of the car which was left untouched, notably the wheels.  Engine zone remain stock because this car is my wife daily drives and she preferred a quiet ride to and back from work.

The car had a minor facial revamp by fitting genuine JCW Aero.  The aerokits included front and rear splitters with matching side skirts.  JCW bonnet and side decals were applied also using genuine MINI products. 

This project car has UNION JACK themes all over the exterior to the interior1 and 2 of the car!

So there you go readers,  I am sharing with you these pictures that I took a few days ago at my parent premises.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Re-Fresh ER34 - Exterior Paint Pt.4

Good afternoon readers,  today is yet another boring progress on my ER34.  I just visited the workshop last weekend and my car is still on the same spot as it was 2 weeks ago! LOL! Only this time the top clear coat had been sanded off.  

The workshop is always filled with cars coming in for repairs, bodykit fitment and others.  Apparently mine is the only one waiting for full respray and that is why they are taking their own sweet time.  LOL.  I spoke to the owner and the next step would be laying down fresh new primer coat.   I guess the car won't be ready for my birthday which is coming in a few days.  Sigh....

Anyway, they also started repairing my badly damaged front bumper.  I won't be posting anymore on ER34 until the car is moved to the painting booth for fresh coat of new paints. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Visit to Porsche Showroom

Good afternoon readers!  I drop-by the showroom recently to made a reservation for my Boxster's third services.  While I was there, I noticed the showroom floor had suddenly filled with new Porsche models! There were the new 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne GTS and Panamera!  The one that caught my attention is this beautiful new Porsche Boxster 981!  The price tag for this red non "S" Boxster is BND$155,000

This is the newest Cayman and it is also a non "S" model.  I don't remember how much this new Cayman cost but I do know the "S" model command a price of BND$180,000!

Last but not least, the most expensive car currently inside QAF Porsche showroom will be awarded to this black beast!  The new Porsche Cayenne Turbo "S"!  Under the hood lies 550hp V8 Twin turbo that will rip the quater mile off in 4.3sec!!!  

MSRP in USA this car cost USD$146,000 which is around BND$180,000.  This model is the top of the range model so it comes with lots of options as standard!  Want to guess how much this car cost here in Brunei? 

.....wait for it...BND$443,000!!!!!! Yes you are not reading it wrong!!!  Yes you can buy a very very big house in Brunei! And yes, you can buy (1)Mercedes Benz ML350, (1)BMW X5 and (1)Audi Q7 and still have spare change of BND$50,000 to modify the 3 cars!!!

Anyway this one here is sold and the new owner also booked the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S too!!!!  Talk about rich people of Brunei......