Friday, July 25, 2014

Brunei Map Not GPS

Last month I drove down to Miri, Sarawak with my Jeep for a family weekend trip.  As you know, my car does come with a GPS but only problem is it doesn't has a Brunei map content.  Yes is a very funny joke from Jeep/Chrysler Group.  I hope Jeep/Chrysler will have this problem sort out soon, even with the latest software update recently the map of Brunei is still not shown.

As you can see from below,  that is the map of Miri from the Jeep GPS.  How is it our neighbouring city has their own map and we do not!

I can also check on all sort of GPS information as shown below

While on our way back near the Brunei border I took a quick picture of the Jeep GPS. The yellow patch is Brunei and you can see where the Miri map ends.

Jeep/Chrysler group if you are reading this please get the new patch or update to have Brunei map included!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Porsche 911 Turbo (964) Flat Nose - Update*

Remember last year I posted a rare Porsche 911 (930) Flat Nose?  Today I came across yet another Flat Nose variant!  This is the Porsche 911 Turbo from the 964 model, yeap the same model from Hollywood Blockbuster "Bad Boys" movie driven by Will Smith that do not have a cup holder!  What intrigue me is this particular black 964 belong to the same 930 Flat Nose owner!  And the most shocking part these cars belong to my friend! Truly took me by surprise! I was told these two rides were auctioned off from the Amedeo car yard sales a few years ago.

UPDATED* - Just found out this one if one of 76 Porsche Exclusive with optioned "Slant Nose" or flat nose.  It cost about USD$60,000 for this option on top of the car price of USD$90,000 back in the days.  Damn, the whole car costs about USD$150,000!!! Of the 76 total produced, 39 were allocated to USA, 10 to Japan and the remainig 27 to the rest of the world!!!

"Whale" tail!

Wood grain steering wheel is not my kind of taste but I won't complaint if I ever get my hands on one of these rare beauty! Although I like the red interior contrasting the black dash and door trims!

The modern Porsche 911 Turbo (997.2), one of my favorite!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Day I Test Drove The New MINI Cooper S (F56)

MINI Cooper S (F56)

Yesterday I was filled with free times so I took a drive to MINI Showroom to test drive the new MINI Cooper S that was launched not too long ago.  As usual my friendly salesperson, Virginia, was there to sort out the test drive for me.   I was planning to "thoroughly test" the car but was cut short due to the pouring sky after I received the key. So I just drove the car around the showroom area for no more then 10mins in a sensible manner.

MINI being MINI and having owned one, one would expect the usual from this new model.  However, I got a few key points to point out.  Firstly is how quiet the new 198hp turbo-charged 2.0 4 bangers is, not exactly MINI way. Second is how responsive the throttle is, an instant light tap on the pedal and you can feel the car ready to take you to the twilight zone. Third,  turbo lag is almost non-existent.  Fourth, even thought I didn't do much performance test, the gearbox was certainly a big step-up as it shift-up/down way way faster and smoother compare to the previous Gen!  Lastly, the exhaust note is intoxicating,  I was driving below 3000rpm and below 80km/hr and the exhaust note is pumping out loud pop which is very notable inside the car.  In previous Gen owner would have to activate sport button to hear the "pop" note around 3000rpm range. 

S model is fitted with LED DRL, Bi-Xenon, LED Fog lamps and LED Tail lamps!

S model comes standard with JCW Steering wheel, Pedal shifter, a large color LCD Central screen (upgradable to even larger 23cm LCD!"

JCW Steering Wheel, nice!

Sadly, the tacho meter is no longer located at the center console like previous two Gen's.  It is now relocated next to the speedo.  The fuel gauge is located on the right side.  The speedo also house a small color LCD for car information

S model comes standard with Full leather interior with Alcantara insert! Sadly MINI still hasn't consider putting electronic seats in their range!!!!!!

MINI Cooper (F56)
The Blue and White is the MINI Cooper.  A step down from Cooper S.  It is still fitted with turbo-charged 3 cylinders engine but only 1.5.  It is cheaper by $10k.  Being cheaper also means less equipment.  It doesn't come with LCD infortainment, no Pedal shifter, less leather and of course a less powerful engine.

A different front bumper as compared to S

Oh it also doesn't come with any LED for both front and rear lamps

See the tiny screen in the center console? Yeah, those are non-colored screen. LOL. Color screen is an option below S range.

Semi Clothed/Leathere

And lastly the best H2O I ever tasted

The bright orange S model is priced at BND64,000++ showroom, exlcusive of insurance. The standard S is actually quite equipped but of course you can personalize your own MINI by adding more accesories and equipment.  Draw back on that would be waiting period and price hike.  Nothing is free! If S is out of your budget maybe you can consider the non-S model or wait for MINI One that will be introduce to Brunei very soon.  That is another $10k cheaper then non-S model but is fitted with puny 1.3 3 cyclinders turbo-charged!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Singapore Trip

Last week I took a trip to Singapore for my health check. I saw lots of nice looking car in Singapore roads but didn't have time to grab a pic because we were constantly moving inside our car.  I saw lots of Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce.  I never realise newer Bentley looks so good.   Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi is like the Toyota Vios in Brunei.  LOL! 

I was staying at my wife's aunt condominium near Orchard Road.  While I was there, I took a few interesting cars at the basement parking.  These were taking during lunch hour so most of the nicer rides were already out and about.

This beautiful metallic restored car is an Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior.  Built around in the 60s, it has 1300cc twin cam (89hp) engine.  It weight less then 1000kg. This car is really a stunner to look at.  I am impressed with the restoration work especially the color chosen for the car.  I am guessing this owner has deep wallet because it is very very expensive to keep old car in Singapore road due to their sky rocketing road tax and C.O.E

This looks like a Ferrari F430 Scuderia at first glance.  But a closer inspection turns out to be a normal F430 converted Scuderia.  How can I tell?  Well the wheels is wrong and the exhaust location is wrong.  LOL.  But what can I say, it is a Ferrari and it is in Singapore.  This car probably cost closed to BND800k or more when new!

The new Porsche 911 Carrera S spotted next to the Ferrari F430.  Maybe from the same owner?

This caught my attention when we were parking at Takashimaya.  It's a charging station for electric cars!  The car on the left is Nissan Leaf and the one on the right is Renault Fluence. I didn't expect to see a Nissan Leaf real life but nevertheless it is a quite a big car.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jeep SRT Vehicle Door Safety Lock Protective Striker Cover

 I came across these Jeep SRT door safety lock protective cover when I was browsing in eBay for some of my car model collections.  These is purely a cosmetic product and cost me less then BND$20.00.  They are made of durable plastic and are very simple to fit to the car.  Check out the before and after pictures below!