Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Car In Brunei - Jaguar F-Pace

The new Jaguar F-Pace is finally here at our shore!  The photo above is spotted by my SRT friend!  The photo below was spreaded among car community of Brunei, so two thumbs up for the person who took the photos below.  

I was told the white F-Pace is a V6 "S" model and cost about BND$165K++ and already had a new happy new owner.  Not sure about the prices for the other models but will update again if I have more info!  Damn this car looks so awesome.  Maybe my next car after I sold my JEEP SRT ?

Car Spotting In Brunei - Lamborghini Gallardo LP540

This Lamborghini Gallardo belong to a friend of mine.  Spotted by #axtelwong.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - Ferrari Califonia

We have a clearer picture of the Ferrari Califonia that I posted last month. I think this was taken in Seria town. Looks good with that custom wheels!

Car Spotting In Brunei - Lamborghini Aventador

Wow didn't there are two matt Black Aventador in Brunei.  This was spotted near Muara town. Thx Dannial for sharing!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Car Spotting In Brunei - KIAGHINI CERAGO Coupe

The latest KIAGHINI Cerago Coupe has been spotted in Brunei.  This is the only 1 in the world and yes it is in Brunei!  It comes standard with Liberty Walk widebody kit with that extra wow.  End.