Saturday, January 20, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #8 Window Regulator

[ Interior - Window Regulator]

Price - BND$37.00

Here is another window regulator I bought new from eBay UK.  The passenger rear window regulator that I replaced 8 years ago went busted again!  This one is half the price of the one I bought last time.  Thank goodness that parts are getting cheap when the car is getting older.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #7 Front Bumper Baffle Plates

[ Exterior : Body - Front Bumper Baffle Plates ]

Price - BND$76.00

Another W210 body related parts that will be fitted to my Project:W210 when it goes for new paint job.  I only have the original passenger side baffle plate on hand but it was bent on the side due to a slight accident a decade ago hence the missing driver's side baffle plate. 

So I decided to grab both sides used from eBay.  There are several sellers and all are different in prices and conditions. So it is good to look hard through pictures to find the best conditions used parts.  Luckily these two seller I chose provided clear pictures and descriptions of the items that they are selling and I was happy that both items are accurately mentioned and stated when arrived. The price for a new bumper baffle plate is about BND$250.00. I bought these two at different prices.  One at BND$26.00 with free shipping and another at BND$50 with shipping charges. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #6 Avangarde Spec Front Grille

[ Body - Avangarde Front Grille ]

Price - BND $66.00 (Used Item)

This is one part for my Project : W210 that is highly on top of my must buy lists!  Finally I got the Avangarde version to replace the Elegance version.  The Elegance in my car only have 2 slats of horizontal bars.  This Avangarde version got  5 slats across the grille!  This is another used item from eBay UK and the condition of this particular is in mint condition.  I am glad lots of seller in UK are honest people and so easy to deal with!

Project : W210 - UK Parts #5 - Gear Shift Console

[ Interior - Gear Shift Console ]

Price - BND$37.00

Another used part from eBay UK.  I bought this console for one particular part only which is the boot button as the one in my car is already missing and broken.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #4 - Euro Style Tinted Taillights

[ Exterior : Body - Euro Style Tinted Taillights ]

Price - BND$124.00

One of my favorite purchases during my wife stayed in London.  This set is going to be fitted to my car once it has been fully respray.  The body color choice has already been chosen and will be unveil to you all when the time has comes!  

I was having a hard time deciding to go for this version or the facelifted version.  In the end I decided to be a little bit different and went ahead with this version.  This is the non-LED version and I also just bumped into two W210 in Brunei that has similar taillights as this! LOL!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #3 Mercedes Benz Logo Wheel Caps

[ Exterior : Wheels - Mercedes Benz Logo Wheel Caps ]

Price - BND$11.00

Yes these 4 wheel caps cost only BND$11.00!  For this price you know it's a no brainer that this ain't OEM product.  I am not sure how much it cost for the original but this set looks just like OEM.  And the seller had sold a few hundreds of these over his eBay UK page.  Yes another eBay UK purchases.  This parcel took 4 days to arrived to my wife hotel room!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #2 Instrumental Cluster

[ Interior - Instrumental Cluster ]

Price - BND$28.00

Got this set used part from eBay UK.  My original cluster is having issues such as unreadable display, faded plastic and mold infestation.  A new one is going to cost an arm or an leg so a used item was the only choice I have.  This instrumental cluster only cost me BND$28.00!!!  The seller claim it is a working cluster and it was removed because he is selling his W210 as spare parts.  Hopefully he didn't sell me a broken cluster.  Will update when I replaced the old one with this one. This set arrived in less then 3 days to my wife hotel room.  Talk about fast and efficient shipping!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Project : W210 - UK Parts #1 Tinted Side Indicators

[Exterior : Body - Tinted Side Indicators]

Price - BND$28.00

Good day readers!  Today I will be posting the first car part that I had bought for my W210 when my wife was stationed at London, UK.  This is the tinted side indicators which will go to the side fender of my W210.  Original indicator cost about BND$25.00 each side if order locally.  I got this set for about BND$28.00 with shipping included.  

I decided to go for tinted version because it will go nicely with the new exterior color that I have plan for Project:W210.  Currently the driver's side indicator is missing and the passenger is broken in pieces....