Monday, May 14, 2018

Project : W210 - Removing the Instrument Cluster Pt.2

Here is the instrument clusters comparison. The top part of the picture as you can see with faded plastic with mold is from my original W210. The bottom half is the used cluster I bought from UK eBay.  Big differences isn't it.

When I bought this instrument cluster, the initial plan was to just replace the plastic bit that was faded with mold and uses back all the original parts.  Then I realized the used instrument cluster actually will work on my car even though the speedometer and rev meter is not correct. As you can see the picture above my W210 is in "km/h" whereas the used instrumental cluster is in "mph".  Thank goodness this cluster has another set of reading in "km/h" only smaller in font size printed below the "mph"

See the rev counter from the picture above ? They are also different.  The one on the left picture is my original cluster that rev peaks at 6000rpm whereas the other peaks at 5000rpm. Not really a big deal because I rarely rev this car over 4000rpm!

The above pic is another comparison of the cluster.  There are several differences as some of the bulbs are missing from the used cluster.

The best part of replacing the cluster is finally my center LCD display is now in full working order! The original cluster has been faulty for about 7 years.  This is very common on the late 90s and early 2000s Mercedes Benz.  

Normally the ribbon connecting the LCD and cluster will require replacement which will set me back around BND$50.00~BND$80.00 and require a proper electrician to weld the ribbon.

Luckily this used cluster LCD is in perfect order so I don't have to replace them.  The only things is now my mileage has drop from 220,xxxkm to 179xxxkm.  This is because this mileage is recorded from the previous car where the cluster is from!

  So far so good on replacing all the parts bought UK!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Project : W210 - Removing the Instrument Cluster Pt.1

My next job is to replace the instrumental cluster that I bought used from UK.  I had watched lots of D.I.Y video on Youtube and decided also to tackle this job myself to save some bucks.

 To remove the instrument cluster firstly you need only one tool, a hook!  I cut a cloth hanger into half and bent each end to a hook shape just like the picture above.

Next is to put the hook on each end of instrument cluster so that I can to pull it out of the dash as shown from the arrow below.

Blue arrow show where the hook will be hooking

Once I pulled the cluster out the only thing left to remove are just two cables connected to the cluster.  Then it's all done!  Next post I will be showing the differences of my cluster and used cluster I bought from UK!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Project W:210 - Pure Hydrogen Engine Decarbonized

Morning guys, last month I brought my car to this place in Berakas called IZOUCO Moto Services(click here for their link).  They are the first hydrogen engine carbon cleaning specialist center in Brunei.

So a good friend of mine knew about my Project W210 and recommended that my car should carbonize since its such a old car.  I was a bit skeptical at first as I was not familiar with this kind of product or services because I never uses them in any of my car.
So I gave it a try because it was on offer for BND$89.00 per car.  Normally this kind of service will cost around BND$160~$190 depend on engine cc.

Me and my friend booked a time slot for his newer E-class and my older E-class.  The process will take around 45 mins to complete.  Several cables were connected to the intake and air-box via these two big machines.  I believe that's where they inject the hydrogen into the fueling system. The system will then clean the injectors, spark plugs and all the combustion area with the engine being kept running for the rest of the process.

So, after an hour of waiting I finally took the car for a spin and HOLY FXXXXKK!!!  What a big differences this things change to my car!!!  The engine no longer shake like crazy and the acceleration is smooth as fxxxxk!

The best part about the Jet cleaning was how smooth the engine kick start without struggling and choking when I left my W210 in my garage for full two weeks without starting the engine.   Normally my W210 engine will struggle to start and sometime even stall because of the dirty injector n spark plug.

I highly recommend this product services to you guys!  I am planning to send my other cars to Jet Cleaning once they get their services done next few months!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Car In Brunei - Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

This is a grey-import if you must ask.  Nope this is not officially imported by local Honda agent.  I was told this car you are looking at cost a whooping BND$90K.  This of course needs to be confirm by the seller but I am not surprise if they are asking for that price.

So would you spend $90k on a Honda or would you buy instead spend it on lets say a Ford Mustang Turbo, VW Golf R or AMG A45?  All of these are within the same price of this Honda....

Saturday, April 21, 2018

New Car In Brunei - Genesis G70

Wow!  I did not see this coming!  A Genesis in Brunei!  Those who are not familiar, Genesis is the luxury branch of Hyundai.  Just like Lexus to Toyota.  This brand has been around in left hand market for quite sometime and finally made its way in the rhd version!

I wonder how much this model will cost in Brunei.  Quick question, would you choose to buy a luxury Korean car brand which has similar pricing on both Japanese and German luxuries brand?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Car Manufacturer Returning!

 A new manufacturer is returning to Brunei market!!!
Can you guess which car manufacturer is making a big return after missing in Brunei for more then a decade!

Quick's not Japanese, Korean, German, French or American car manufacturers!

Project : W210 - MP3 Casstte Player

Now that my car Becker player is in working order I decided to go a bit old skool on the music.  The CD changer in the W210 is already busted and I also didn't want to go back to using CD.  So I went online and did some searching and found this.  A MP3 cassette player!

For you millennial, this was my mp3 player back in the 80s to late 90s!  This particular version I have here is a bit different as it do two things, a cassette tape and a MP3 player.  It can hold at least 64gig of music whereas the real cassette that we have back in the days can hold around 10-12songs only!!!!

This MP3 cassette player came with all the usual buttons and a memory card slot.  Its very simple to use, just pop in the memory card and put in the cassette tape into the player!  When you not using it as a MP3 cassette tape, you can use it as a normal MP3 player on the go!

A remote control is also included

To use this first we need to charge it

And yeah it works!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Project : W210 - Becker Radio Code Part.2

For you younger generation readers.  BECKER was a big supplier of car audio to big players like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche.  Not sure what happened to them nowadays as many car player like Alpine, JBL, B&O are taking over the car industry.  

The player model in my car is called the GRAND PRIX.  As you can see the serial number is located on the side of the player.  Now that I have the serial number of my Becker player the next thing to do now is to go online at RADIOCODE and request the password.  The process is very easy but of course it ain't free!  They charge 8.99pound for my Becker player.  I received the code immediately on-screen and thru email once they received the payment. 

All I need to do is just key in all 4 digits and BOOM! The player is now officially unlocked!  Oh they can also retrieve password for your other branded players such as Alpine, Clarion or other car brands too!