Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Day I Sat In A Mercedes-Benz S-Class S400

Yesterday I was with  my buddy at Jati Transport, Brunei Sole Agent of Mercedes-Benz.  He wanted to test drive the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S400 and lucky enough there is one test-drive car available for him.  We jump to the front seats with the Marketing Manager tagging along.

First impression is what a luxury car it is to sit in.  Everything feel so high class inside.  The materials used is for sure high end and high quality.  This particular engine is a hybrid.  It has 306hp that goes to 100km/hr from zero in 6.8sec.  The car didn't feel as fast as I hope it can be partly also because of the sheer size of this car.  It is big, long and heavy.

Upon driving out of the car parking lot, I immediately felt the seats adjusting the bolster on my waist according to my friend cornering behavior.  It was an experience I never felt before.  Every corner he changed the seat will adjust automatically to make sure I seat perfectly.

This has to be the biggest LCD I ever see fitted inside a car and they have TWO inside!!!  They are 12.3" in size per screen

This car is fitted with BURMESTER sound system.  They are from Germany and another company that I do know has this sound system as option for most of their cars is PORSCHE.  They ain't cheap,  a Porsche Panamera Sound system is a BND$18,000 option!  Yeap, you can buy a Toyota VIOS with that money.

Check out the buttons lay-out and the COMAND center. Another unique feature(not shown here) is the Active Perfume system.  Basically is like a air purify system where you purchase a bottle of perfume from their wide ranges of scene which cost about $100.  The system is located in the glove box and it will individualise the smell of your S-Class!  Classy!

I felt like a millionaire sitting at the back.  The back seats is also fully reclinable like a First-Class airline seats.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

ER34 Steering Pump Failure

Last week I couldn't steer my ER34 out of my garage.  Immediately I thought the steering pump has failed.  I called my buddy, SHH Proshop and they sent a mechanic over to check the problem.  Apparently, the air-con belting has some how stuck inside the steering pump and causes the failure.  I couldn't find a used steering pump for R34 in Brunei and a R33 unit will not fit because it has different part.  Luckily SHH Proshop can shipped out my pump and had it repaired in Japan! Now I am awaiting for the return of my pump and hopefully the car can be fixed by then. More update soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Porsche Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS Are Here!!!

Just received a call from my friend from QAF to let me know the Boxster/Cayman GTS had landed in the Porsche Showroom!  I drove there immediately and took a few quick photos for both rides.  The new GTS differ from "S" in many way.  Firstly you are greeted by a different front sporty bumper.  It comes with bigger 20" wheels as standard.  There are no chrome trims as they had all been replaced by matt black trims.  Subtle "GTS" emblem are visible on the side of both doors which also stands for Grand Turismo Sport.  

Plenty of equipment internally as well.  The engine has higher horsepower compared to a regular "S".  Respectively 340hp for Cayman GTS and 330hp for Boxster GTS.  Its has several standard equipments that are usually an options for "S" and non "S".  Such as PASM which lowered the car by 10mm, Sport Chrono package, Sport exhaust system and  Black Chrome exhaust tips.

Both of these cars are equipped differently.  The Cayman GTS shown here as Alcantara Interior whereas the Boxster GTS has full leather interior.  The wheels of Cayman are painted black whereas the Boxster has silver color wheels.   

Another visible apperance from both cars are the tinted headlamp and tinted rear lamp.  These are unique only to the GTS!

And lastly, the price for these beautiful rides?  About BND$160,000++!!! Each of course!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Beast Mod - "Grand Cherokee" Scuff Plates

Another accessories added to my SRT.  These are scuff plates and the main purpose is to protect the paint and body of the door panel entrance area.  Of course it can also be comestic purposes.  I got the set from a group-buy thru fellow SRT owners.  At first glance the plate looks like aluminium plate but once you take off the protective plastic you can see that it is coded in Black Chrome.  The black chrome is almost the same as my wheels colors.  It has a little bit of chrome and a little bit of glossy  black.  The set came in a set of 4 plates, two for fronts and two for rears.  The front is pressed with "Grand Cherokee" name whereas the rear is empty without any wording. Check it out!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Beast Mod - SRT Bumper Trailer Hitch Trim Bezel

Just installed the SRT bumper trailer hitch trim bezel for my car!  If you don't know what to look at, it's the "SRT" wording on the lower bumper between the exhaust pipes.  Normally this car can be equipped with trailer hitch that hide nicely behind the SRT bezel.  Export Jeep SRT do not come with trailer hitch so the bezel do not have "SRT" wording (see last picture in this post).  Normally, the standard bezel flush nicely with the upper bumper whereas SRT bezel extend out by a few centimeter to house the trailer hitch.  I bought this online together with a fellow Jeep SRT owner to save cost on shipping.  It is a nice detail part that I think all Jeep SRT should have.

See the differences?