Thursday, November 13, 2014

New MINI One Is Here!

Good news for MINI fans of Brunei, the New MINI One is here! It will cost your wallet BND$42K O.T.R.  This is the cheapest MINI (F56) range.  It also has the smallest engine of the bunch with a 1.2litre 3 cyclinder turbo-charged engine making about 102hp.  Yes you can customise your own MINI like this version in this post.  All the decals and accesorries are extra costs and can be requested through MINI wide range of accessories.  At this price, buyer obviously will not get the standard equipped goodies like the MINI Cooper and Cooper S.  A lot of features are obviously non-standard hence the price tag.  Nevertheless, there are fans out there who wouldn't mind paying this kind of money for this little beaut.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Day I Test Drove A 2014 Porsche Macan

Continuing with my last post at QAF with my buddy, I took a stroll to the other side of QAF showroom to say hi to my salesperson.  Porsche showroom is always my favorite showroom to visit in QAF. They are big and spacious and of course all the beautiful Porsche sitting on the showroom.  While chit chatting with the salesperson, he recommended my friend  to check out the the Porsche Macan sitting outside the showroom.  I was at the driver seat and he asked why not take it out for a spin.  Without hesitation, we closed the doors and took off with him and my friend. LOL

How was it?  Well, let's me put this test drive in three parts. Performance, Handling and Gearbox.  I will not talk about the exterior and interior looks because these are subjective and the point of test driving is to feel the overall performance, am I right?

Performance - Rating 5/10.  Partly because this model is a non-S model, it has only 240hp from a 2.0 4 cyclinder engine source from Audi Q5.  The engine felt slow when push to the limit.  I have not test drove the S and Turbo yet but should be impressive given they are V6 turbo-charged!

Handling - I would rate 8.5/10.  This is by far the best handling SUV I had driven. The car felt like a sports car when cornering hard.  Body roll is minimal.  This model that we drove has a normal  set-up suspension.  Imagine if you option for the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM).  

Gearbox - Rating at 8/10 This is the second time I drove a PDK equipped Porsche.  The first being the Porsche Cayman I test drove way back in 2009.  As usual PDK gear shifting is lightning fast and super smooth.  The gear change is seamless and felt like a rocket that continuous charging forward.

Overall I am impress with this SUV, although it is a tad too small for my height.  I think it is more suitable for people who is below 6 foot.  The steering wheel as shown below is near identical to the iconic Porsche 918 Spyder hypercar.  This car only cost below BND$110K, the cheapest Porsche you can get in Brunei!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

BMW 220i Coupe & BMW X4 xDrive28i

I was at BMW showroom last monday with a friend trying to ask some question regarding about his MINI Cooper S.   Two beautiful BMWs got my attention.  This coupe here is the latest 2 series.  This one here is the 220i and will set you back around BND$68K on the road.  I really like the coupe profile especially the side flowing line.  The interior is identical to the normal 1-Series.  Check out the interior as you will notice something very different! Yes, a proper 6 speed manual transmission!  You don't get to see those often in Brunei, especially majority of BMW customer prefer the auto-stick.

This handsome smaller SUV is the latest X4.  As you can see it has the X6 sportscar roof profile.  The competition for this type of class is the Audi Q5 and the Porsche Macan.  This one cost BND$128K++ without OTR.  I will take the Porsche Macan anytime anyday!

I like modern BMW cars but the only thing that super turn me off is the interior design.  Every Series looks just the same and whats with the two big round analog instrumental gauges?  Hello BMW, this is 2014 is time to move on the past design and op for newer technology!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome To My Car Model Collections!

Built by me, the Nissan Skyline GT-R34 in 1:24 scale

Hey Readers!  Come and check out my model collections website that I had for quite sometime! If you love cars, there are big chances you will have a few of your favorite car models in your collections!  I started out with 1/24 model kits way back in the early 1990s and recently had started collecting bigger scales such as the 1:43 and 1:18. Below are the links to various scale or you can click or bookmark the direct website.  There are other stuff as well so please check it out!


Direct Links

Enjoy the reads!
 Nissan GT-R NISMO (1:43)

Porsche 911 RS (1:18) and GT-2 (1:24)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Has Landed In Brunei!

Last month, my family were invited to the launching of Jaguar F-Type Coupe at Empire Hotel.  Well, nobody bother to attend the invitation and they only bother to mention that to me at the very last min or else I would have attend.  LOL.  Anyway, Jaguar Sales rep, Saiful, sent me these photos a few days ago.  I have to say I am lost for words on the Coupe Version. I have yet to see the real thing but judging at the photos alone makes me want to fly over to Jaguar showroom and deposit one for myself.  Well, sadly those are just dream as I have two more car loan commitments to finish off before I can buy another ride.

The price for this beautiful red beast is BND$145K O.T.R.   Yeap you are reading it correctly!  Got to be the most affordable European sports car coupe in Brunei at the moment. This red color is the V6 model.  I am not sure about the V6"S" and V8 "R" Coupe pricing as I didn't bother asking because I know it will be way more then what I can afford.  Engine specification are almost identical to that of the roadsters, 340hp and 380hp for V6 and V6"S".  F-Type Coupe R has 550hp compared to F-Type 495hp but shared the same V8 engine.

I will check out Indera Motors very soon to take a closer look at this beauty personally.  Will post more photos soon!