Thursday, April 23, 2009

Changing Cigarette Standard Bulb to LED(Red)

Before this blog was started, I had all my ER34 interior bulbs replaced with Blue LED purchased from eBay in Australia. The instrumental clusters, 3 gauges, air-con display all received the Blue LED treatment. I also had my old Sony players replaced with a Pioneer MP3 player (yes, the player lights also matched the interior LED). There are also a couple of Blue LED beaming down the NISMO carpet. Today I am going to show you the replacement of Cigarette lighter bulb to Red LED.

LED ( red color ) got it for about AUD$8 from eBay Australia

Gearbox console removed

Removing of the cigarette lighter plug and LED plug

Removing of cigarette lighter bracket

One of the bracket that is holding the bulb plug

Removal of the plug

Standard bulb

Comparison of standard bulb and LED

Installed of LED

And here are the result ( I am very happy I chose red instead of the full blue interior concept )

Advan Super Racing Ver.2 Wheels

This is my current set of wheels fitted to my ER34. The rims are from Yokohama ADVAN and its called ADVAN Racing Ver.2.

Rims Size
Front = 18" x 8.5
Rear = 18" x 9.5

Tires Size
Front = YOKOHAMA ADVAN AVS ES100 tires 245/40 ZR
Rear = YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA AD07 Semi slick tires 265/35 ZR

This is actually my second sets of wheels. The first one was sold to one of my close friend who is now currently driving a Nissan S15