Thursday, May 29, 2014

JEEP Grand Cherokee SRT Wheel alignment

Took my Black Beast to my regular tyre shop for it's first 10,000km wheel alignment and balancing.  It was an exciting moment for me because it is the first time I can get a full view on the SRT foot works without the 20" Spider Monkey wheels.

6 pots BREMBO caliper up front.  And also the yellow BILSTEIN Adapative damper can be seen lurking behind!

4 pots BREMBO caliper at the back

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Jeep SRT Performance Page

Sorry for not posting much due to both hand been tight-up with works.  Today I am glad to post my performance data taken from my Jeep SRT Performance page.

As of now,  0-100km/hr is 4.7sec and 0-400m is 12.8sec. This car weight close to 3tonnes or 3000kg. LOL.  That is more then twice as heavy as my Boxster or Skyline!  That big V8 HEMI sure can pull some G's as well.  I managed to hit 1G on the test run.  It was tested on a dry, windy day.  Best of all I haven't put on any modification to this car yet!  This is bone stock performance!