Sunday, July 29, 2012

Which One III? Part 4 - No.4 has Landed!

Woohoo!  No.4 has finally landed!  Just received a call from our new salesperson that our car has arrived in QAF showroom!  It is now awaiting for PDI and after that it will be heading straight to Mequiar's for washing and polishing!  In the mean time, she will be handling my new tendered licence plate number.

I thought the car will be delay till August.  Phew~! Judging from the picture I am sure a lot of people will know what car this is.  Let's hope the car will come out next week. Hehe

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anibal Automotive Design - RUSH

Want to share this with you guys.  Just look at it, don't tell me you didn't gawk when you saw the first picture.  I know I did.  Hehe.  This is RUSH a.k.a Porsche Caymen 987.  It is designed by Anibal Automotive Design, not sure where this company is from but the body presentation of RUSH is very impressive.  They even touched on the new Porsche 911 (991).  You guys can find them in Facebook! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dodge Journey R/T scratched with "love"


Hi there readers,  you know owning a car can be a joy especially for people like me who treats car more then just a transportation. But there will come a time when you walked to your car and find scratches, dings, bumps or damages by other careless drivers.

Well, my car is less then one month old and the worst had happened.  I parked my car at KFC opposite HuaHo Kiulap for dinner and when I returned, I discovered the worst scene ever! LOL.  My rear bumper was scratched on both the upper body section and lower plastic section.  The other driver's even left a "love" shape in my bumper!!!  Talk about lousy luck......

The Love shape.....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Which One III? Part 3 - Decision Made!

Good morning readers!  This will be a short post.  As you know, I deposited BND$1000.00 to QAF BMW for the BMW 1-Series 118i.  After all the drama that has happened, we were told to either forfeit the BND$1000 deposit or change to another model within QAF range. Obviously we are are not going to waste our thousand bucks!

After a long discussion with my wife, we had decided to use the deposit for another model and already had the deposit transferred to another salesperson.  Expected arrival date is some where near late July or August.  Sigh!  More waiting!  We had waited a total of 6 months if this new car does arrive in August!!

Which one is our chosen car?  
The next post on "Which One III?" will be the time you get to see our new car :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Which One III? Part 2 - Ride No.4 Cancelled !!!

Hi again readers,  today is a very angry day for me!  I had some issue with the BMW salesperson and had decided to cancel the car. 

Let's just say the salesman is incompetent and all he cares about is making that sales for his commission. For a marque like BMW, you would expect excellent services to live up to that brand name but all I got was the opposite of that.  I will withhold this salesperson name but if you must know who he is please do email me.  I will not recommend him to anyone!!!

Firstly I will let you guys know what car I had booked back in March.  It was the latest BMW 1-Series 118i.  Upon booking the car, we were told to pick our exterior and interior colors.  We had picked White exterior color with Red leather interior(just like the one below).  The price mentioned to me was $55,800.  Expecting to arrive in July 2012.  I tried to bargain for some discount on the car but the salesperson insist that the price is an offer price and they usually do not give discount.  In my opinion, it is always up to the salesperson to offer the discount.  There is no such thing as "NO DISCOUNT!!!!".  I decided not to argue too much with him about the cost as he was very hard-headed.

In May this year, I dropped my Porsche for general services and decided to pop into BMW next door.  I met my BMW salesperson and he briefly said to me...

"There is a bump in price of $800.00 in the BMW 1-Series I booked.  Everyone who had booked the 1-Series had been notified and I was about to notify you"

I said to myself "WTF???? You are "about" to notify me??? What kind of excuses is this?!"

I decided not to be mad or angry as it was only a small matter.  I was told the reason for the increase in prices is that they had upgraded all 1-Series wheels in this shipment from 17" to 18" in size.  Not a bad things to be angry at.

Late last month(June), I went to QAF BMW again to check on the status of the arrival of my 1-SERIES.  My salesperson again assured me that it will be arriving early of July.  So I mentioned about the price because I need him to prepare finances for the car. 

He then said to me "The car cost $55,800 plus the increase of $800 and not inclusive of insurance as the price was a "SHOWROOM PRICE".

Upon hearing that sentence I got real mad and this time I shooted back at him and said "Why is the price not covered with insurance?  I never bought a car in my life that has no insurance included! Even my Porsche has insurance covered when I bought it new and is from QAF!".
The insurance cost only $1200 but I really find it ridiculous to pay my own insurance for my own brand new car. My new Dodge Journey is inclusive of insurance!!!! So as my Porsche...Peugeot...Lexus and Nissan!!!!  So to cut the story short, the hard-headed salesperson stood his ground and won't budge on including the insurance.

I contacted the BMW Sales Manager and voiced out my experiences with this salesperson.  The BMW Sales Manager was at one point helpful but the final decision by his upper management really turn the experience of buying a car from QAF BMW to a hell hole shit damn fxxk experience. 

The following day, the salesperson contacted me again and said "Have you decided to buy the car?  Because if you don't want the car then I can let go the car to our waiting list customer" 

At this point my answer was "I am not interested in getting that car from you anymore. and that was the last of our final conversation.  The conversation was like telling me "Either you buy or fxxk off!"

I am very frustrated right now as I had waited 4 months for nothing!!!  My wife was pretty much as mad as me when heard about this matter.  I learned my lesson big time from this hell experience! The next time when I am purchasing a brand new car, I will make sure every words coming out of a salesperson had to be written in black/white paper.  What ever deal they promised, at least I had the black/white to back it up in case they decided to turn the table around.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Which One III? Part 1 - Search for Ride No.4

"Which One III?" is coming!

Hi again readers, I have a good news to share!  I am getting my car No.4!!! As you know, my wife had been commuting using my Daihatsu Materia before it was sold.  There is no doubt how good the car was.  Big space and cool design.  I like the car a lot and had a few modifications to it. The only problem was it was seriously under-power.  The 1.5litre (103hp) banger really can't do jack shit.  LOL. It takes forever to reach high speed on highway.

So in February 2012,  I decided to look for a new car to replace the Daihatsu Materia. My top priority were MINI COOPER S and new VW BEETLE as both are my wife two favorite cars.  But as our family are growing, looking into a sportscar is not possible.  We already has one child and another expecting very soon ^_^, so timing is not right for a 2-door coupe given I already have 2 sports car in my garage!

 I am a big fan of Hyundai Veloster.  One of the coolest car I ever seen in 2012!  Really loaded with options and very affordable too!

My wife favorite car!

Soon to be released in 2013,  new A-class!

At the end of a long husband and wife discussion, we had concluded for a small to medium size car.  It can be a 4 door saloon, wagon or hatch. It will be solely for the purpose of my wife usage to work. A lot of models was put on the table for serious consideration, but final decision was confirmed when we went to QAF Auto Sdn Bhd.  Yeap, we went back to the same showroom where we bought our first Porsche.  I can tell you we didn't get another Porsche.  How I wish!!!  Instead, we went to the other showroom of QAF!

While we were at the other showroom,  one particular model caught our attention.  It was within our budget and also suited my wife daily needs. We booked the car immediately with deposit(receipt shown below), the only problem was the model was already sold out and we have to wait for four months for the next shipment to arrive. Picture below is the deposit slip which we paid dated 2 March 2012, way before I sold my Daihatsu Materia and of course before the major accident in my Peugeot.

The new car is expected to arrive somewhere around July.  I will update again when the car is here!  I am so excited for the arrival of my ride No.4!

Will update soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Dodge Journey Accessories - Wrong Xenon Bulb Size!!!

Sigh!  If being cheated was not enough.  Now I have another problem with the fake Philips Xenon! I was delivered with 9006 bulb which is suitable only for high beam in my Dodge Journey!!!  The correct size for the low beam should be H11!!!! I double checked with my invoice and I correctly ordered the low beam Xenon systems!  I really don't understand how this people do their business.  

9006 Xenon bulbs

Yesterday,  I brought the Xenon system to my usual place,  AutoSmart at Serusop.  Upon checking on my original bulb, they immediately raised the red flag to me that the set has wrong Xenon bulb size. I was so mad already that I was cheated on the brand and now I have to swallow another problem of wrong size bulb.

New H11/6000K Auto99 Xenon bulbs

Luckily, AutoSmart do stock H11 Xenon bulb so without second thought I bought the set straight away.  The Auto99 H11 Xenon without the ballast cost me BND$85.00.  I was told by the technician, Ah Ping, that the new H11 Xenon can retrofit with the Philips Xenon ballast.  Sadly, it is a 6000K system, not the 4300K system that I wanted...

Here is the new Xenon 6000K

Nevertheless, I am happy with the new H11 6000K Xenon system.  I also sent an email to Philips Xenon regarding this disappointing matter.  Let see whether they will get back to me.  Will update soon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Dodge Journey Accessories - Fake PHILIPS Xenon Kit!!!

Original Packing

I had been CONNED!!! The Philips Xenon system that I bought from the Philips website was a FAKE!!!  DAMN!!! I thought I was always careful when purchasing online, guess I was wrong!!!  Man, I am so pissed!!!  Sigh.....Here are the details for looking out on fake Philips Xenon or HID systems.

From Genuine Philips website.......
>>The Question We get quite often is how do you tell if a Philips HID kit is Real or not. there are a few different things to check for:
Philips bulbs will be marked Philips Germany
Philips bulbs will have a red salts in the 6000k bulbs and white salts in the 4300k bulbs
Philips bulbs will be labeled with a security label that can be tracked on
Philips HID Kits only use KET wiring connectors not amp
Philips ballasts will only have KET connectors
>> A few things you can look for if a Company is trying to pass a fake kit off as real one:
Packaging looks the same but contents inside IE bulbs and ballasts are marked Philips Patent, Philips Patent bulbs are not made by Philips and are not made in Germany.
Kit comes in two boxes like the original but the boxes are grey instead of white with the philips logo
Ballasts come in a odd shape or are slim ballasts.
Wiring coming from the ballast is AMP style and not the Philips KET wiring

Original Details

After reading the first few details I knew immediately that I had bought a fake system.  I can't do anything now.  Just that next time I will be more careful when I am purchasing online.  Hopefully this fake Philips Xenon will last me sometime.  Luckily the website provide a 2 years warranty on the fake system.  Hopefully the warranty is not fake either. LOL.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Dodge Journey Accessories - PHILIPS Xenon Kit

Woot!  My Dodge Journey first accessory!  This here is PHILIPS XENON 4300 9006-35w that I purchased from Philips Xenon website.  The shipment took about 2 weeks to arrive directly from U.S.  The cost of the Xenon is BND$360++ inclusive of our local 20% tax.

Upon opening the parcel, I immediately noticed a few things.  Firstly, I noticed there was no "Philips" brand on the exterior packaging which was kinda odd.

Secondly was how the contents was packed.  Not very professional given it is made by Philips...or maybe not. 
The ballasts with stickers of a small print of Philips brand name
The Xenon bulbs
The relay harness was included in this set

 Even the shipper address wasn't included in the postage details.  I am very curious now whether I bought a bootleg Xenon.  I will do more research and update this matter in my next post....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project N.E.S II - 2-Piece Forged Aluminium Wheels Pt.3

Guess what just landed at my door step on 9th July~!  Yeaaaahhhhh, my BC RACING HB-05 19" wheels are finally in my hand!  These were delivered by UPS at 7.45pm!!  Yeap, UPS delivered even it's late at night!  I am impressed with their services.  Way way better then some of the other branded shipping agent that I had encountered.

These 4 set of wheels were shipped last Thursday(5 July).  I was told by the manufacturer that it will be landing in Brunei the next following day.  I was a bit skeptical about that claim BUT what do you know.  It did landed in Brunei on Friday!  Why did I just received yesterday?  Well, lets just say the Custom procedure in Brunei does take some times.  Declaration and payment for the wheels taxes has to be considered.

Here you are, 4 boxes of new kicks for my Porsche Boxster S.  I will review the wheels soon!
 19" x 10J
 19" X 8.5J
 Grand Opening!!!!
Sneek peek for you readers

Monday, July 9, 2012

Porsche Boxster S EXCLUSIVE Equipment - Rollover Bars Painted In Aluminium Color

Hi there again readers, sorry for posting so much on my Porsche Boxster S Exclusive and Optional Equipment.  I am trying to post all the optional items to fill up the coloumn  on the right hand side of my page.  Please bear with me as there are only a few more left to be done.

This EXCLUSIVE equipment is just a paint job on the roll-bar.  It cost $880 to paint.  You can choose to paint it to match your car exterior color or have it in aluminum color.  I chose the later one.

 Standard non-painted rollover bar

Painted rollover bar painted in exterior color

Painted rollover bar painted in aluminum looks

Painted Aluminum looks on rollover bar

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Porsche Optional Equipment - Bi-Xenon Headlight with LED

This is another optional equipment that can be directly fitted from Porsche Factory.  This option cost me BND$3500++ and is the most expensive Optional equipment fitted in my Porsche Boxster S! Second behind this is the BOSE Sound System.

 The price you paid will get you Bi-Xenon HID,  Dynamic Corning Lights, Day-Time Running Lights LED and LED stripe for night use.  There are only 3 units(white, red and yellow) of Porsche Boxster 987.2 in Brunei and mine is the only one with with this option!

Bi-Xenon Equipped Headlamp....

....Standard Headlamp, see the differences?

Bi-Xenon HID with Dynamic Corner Lights
I am sure you guys are familiar with HID.  As for Dynamic Corner Lights the sensors continuously monitor speed, lateral acceleration and steering lock.  It will determines the angle of the dynamic cornering lights and the lights will be able to swivel in corners for better illumination of the road ahead!

Night-time driving lights

Bi-Xenon HID activated

See the differences?  Mine comes with 4 LEDs for DRL 

Non-LED Halogen Bulbs can be seen on this Red Boxster in QAF

Day-Time Running Lights(DRL) illuminated with LED Stripe
Daytime View
Nighttime View

This is how the LED stripe looks with activated for night-time uses.  DRL will be de-activated.

LED technologies for back tail lights as well