Monday, March 25, 2013

PROJECT : N.E.S.II - TechArt Front Lip Found!

Guess what readers? I actually came across a shop in Brunei that sell the TechArt front lip that I had been searching for.  Sadly, the shop want it to be purchased as a set with the skirt and spoiler(pic below).  They were asking BND3400!  Well, I didn't go for it because I have one spoiler and a set of TechArt side skirts on stand-by!

 Well,  I had been searching high and low for it and finally came across an online shop in HK that manufactured the TechART front lip for my Project:N.E.S.II. It cost me about USD700 plus shipping.  Which is almost USD2000 cheaper then the original.  The material used is PU type which is more solid than fiber glass.  It should be here in Brunei around April! Will post more picture once its here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My first Porsche Design x Adidas Porsche 911S

This is non-car post but it related to Porsche.  I actually bought this last year when I was travelling with my family to Malaysia.  I never wore it because I want to use it on 2013 Chinese New Year.  This is Adidas Porsche Design 911s.

Carbon fibre accent near the sole

Sole looks like tire groove!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pictures of My Cars

 Just some random pictures taken during the past few weekends.  Enjoy!

This is my friend MINI Cooper S R57 with my little BLUE DEVIL R60!

Taking Boxster out for a spin before the end of dusk!

Photo for the wheels!

Cleaning all three cars before CNY 2013!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Toyota FJ Cruiser spotted!

Spotted another ultra rare car in Menglait the other day.  This is the Toyota FJ Cruiser.  I actually liked this car so much one time in my life but it is now kinda old already.  This here is a used car brought in by Ismakom.  I am not sure about the price but it should be affoardable.  When I first saw this car in magazine I thought it was a HUMMER H2 sized car but now I saw the real thing it is kinda disappointing because it is no bigger then a Toyota Prado.  Haha.

Love the color scheme of blue with white roof top, just like my MINI Countryman!  Am not sure which country of origin this is imported from but it is loaded with accessories both inside and out.  Sorry forgot to take a picture of the interior.   Can't wait to see it on the road soon

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spotted rare car in Brunei!

(Click Picture)

I spotted two beauties two days ago at Kiulap Roundabout!  The blue car you are looking at is not a Toyota FT86,  that is the Subaru BRZ!  I have not seen this car in showroom yet as local Subaru agent only special order for customer request.  I was told it is cheaper then the Toyota FT86!

Secondly in front of the Subaru is one of my favorite sedan from Porsche, the Panamera.  That is not just any Panamera, it is the Panamera GTS!  Base price the car cost a whooping $250,000!  If you click on the picture you can actually see the driver activated the active spoiler near the rear wind screen.  Engine is a 4.8litre V8 that produced 430hp!  0-100km/hr in just 4.5sec!  Man I want one!!! or the Subaru BRZ!!!