Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome To My Car Model Collections!

Built by me, the Nissan Skyline GT-R34 in 1:24 scale

Hey Readers!  Come and check out my model collections website that I had for quite sometime! If you love cars, there are big chances you will have a few of your favorite car models in your collections!  I started out with 1/24 model kits way back in the early 1990s and recently had started collecting bigger scales such as the 1:43 and 1:18. Below are the links to various scale or you can click or bookmark the direct website.  There are other stuff as well so please check it out!


Direct Links

Enjoy the reads!
 Nissan GT-R NISMO (1:43)

Porsche 911 RS (1:18) and GT-2 (1:24)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Has Landed In Brunei!

Last month, my family were invited to the launching of Jaguar F-Type Coupe at Empire Hotel.  Well, nobody bother to attend the invitation and they only bother to mention that to me at the very last min or else I would have attend.  LOL.  Anyway, Jaguar Sales rep, Saiful, sent me these photos a few days ago.  I have to say I am lost for words on the Coupe Version. I have yet to see the real thing but judging at the photos alone makes me want to fly over to Jaguar showroom and deposit one for myself.  Well, sadly those are just dream as I have two more car loan commitments to finish off before I can buy another ride.

The price for this beautiful red beast is BND$145K O.T.R.   Yeap you are reading it correctly!  Got to be the most affordable European sports car coupe in Brunei at the moment. This red color is the V6 model.  I am not sure about the V6"S" and V8 "R" Coupe pricing as I didn't bother asking because I know it will be way more then what I can afford.  Engine specification are almost identical to that of the roadsters, 340hp and 380hp for V6 and V6"S".  F-Type Coupe R has 550hp compared to F-Type 495hp but shared the same V8 engine.

I will check out Indera Motors very soon to take a closer look at this beauty personally.  Will post more photos soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jaguar F-Type Pricing in Brunei

Morning Peeps, Yes I know you read seen these cars in my older posts when it first landed in Brunei.  It was the white beauty parked outside the Jaguar showroom.  But today I would like to show you two different colors on displayed inside Jaguar Showroom.  

You are looking at Jaguar F-Type V6(Black) and F-Type V6"S"(Grey).  The best part is I finally get to sit behind the wheel!  It was such an awesome car.  I like the quality, and the material used inside the cabin.  So luxury and sporty at the same time!  Wait till you hear about the price tag! Brunei pricing for these two beasts are BND $130K++ for the V6(Black) and BND $160K++ for the V6"S"(Grey).  Both price quoted are O.T.R prices.  

V6 has an identical engine as the V6"S" but produced 40hp less and of course they have different specifications between each other.  If my memory can recall,  Brunei market V6 comes with smaller wheels as standard.  The black one shown here has an upgraded option wheels.  The interior options are more or less identical but does come with different sport seats and  different leather materials.  I am so digging this F-Type, it has to be the most beautiful roadster currently available in Brunei.  I hardly see any running around just yet in Brunei road.


Check out the sport seat and red leather stitching

I don't mind living inside!

I was told the "Active Exhausts" is so intoxicating to listen to every time you start and rev the V6 engine! Got to have those activate every time you drive this car!

Friday, October 10, 2014

MINI Countryman S Battery - Dead!

 Last week, my MINI Countryman battery went flat on me when I was having my dinner at iLOTUS.  I have to leave the car there as it was already late.  The following morning I called BMW 24/7 Assistance and have them meet me there at 2.30pm.  I arrived early and surprised to see the BMW rescue car arrived earlier then me. They jumped start my car and I drove the car back to BMW to have the battery checked and replaced.  While on way, the electronics on my console went crazy as you can see on these three pictures.  Luckily this is normal and the BMW dealer manage to do a quick reset to set everything back to normal.  They even replaced a spanking brand new BMW MINI battery for free! Thumbs up for the BMW Service advisor, Azlan and the guy who came and assist me!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our new KIA Forte Koup!


I don't usually post picture of my family ride's but I feel the need for this particular new purchases.  You are looking at the 2014 KIA Forte Koup, our family first KDM!  This is my youngest sibling first car.  Lots of different models were taken into consideration but the winning decision went to KIA.  How did we came up with this conclusion?  Please read on as I am going to point out the reasons below.

Just a brief through about this car, the color chosen here is Snow White Pearl which looks awesome under the sun!  The car cost about BND$27000++ O.T.R!  It has a 2000cc, 4 cyclinders engine with 6 speed paddle automatics and 17" alloys wheels.  Standard equipment includes DRL,  HID headlamp, LED tail lights, alloys wheels and sunroof(!).  Interior equipment includes Bluetooth, reverse camera, bucket-type front seats and a 4.3" touchscreen LCD screen for the infortainment.  At this price and these specifications not even the Japanese counterpart can compete. 

The car specification is not the exact main point I want to focus on.  The main point here I want to share is the services and customer interaction provided by Grand Motors Sdn Bhd.  When we confirmed wanting to the buy KIA Koup, I immediately look for my relative who had purchased a few KIA before from this particular salesperson.  I managed to get hold of his contact and called him up and immediately the following day he visited me privately at my shop.  He provided me a brochure and run through what specifications and colors is available.  The color and gearbox were chosen and  then I was told the car will be ready with all the paper work and procedures in 4 days.  I was skeptical about delivering car in 4 days.  Nevertheless,  we received the car on the 6th day after confirmation and payment.  Damn! I was so surprised it took them less then 1 week to get the car register and have it on the road!  

Why am I surprise you say?  Well, JEEP took over one month to be registered(1 month 2 weeks to be exact!),   my Dodge about 3 weeks, my MINI about 2 weeks and my previous Peugeot took the agent almost a month to be deliver to me.  Talk about comparing fast and slow services!  I don't know why it took these dealers so damn long to register a car when KIA can do it in 6 days!

Next point,  before collecting the car on the delivery day.  We were greeted at the showroom because the sale rep would like to go through the final paper work and a demonstration of a few features to my sibling.  After that we were greeted by another lady, who runs through all the warranty and what-not to my sister. I am really impress with this kind of thorough services.  I don't recall Mercedes Benz, BMW or Porsche providing this kind of services when we bought our cars! 

And the best part of buying KIA is the peace of mind of 5 years factory warranty!  The only company in Brunei that gives out more then 4 years warranty is FORD.  The remaining players in Brunei only provide 2-3years warranty.  Yes, I ain't kidding.  BMW, MINI and Porsche only provided 2 years warranty!   

I finally understand why KIA has risen from nothing to something around the world.  They truly had step-up big time to compete with the Japanese and maybe the German with their K900 which we do not get in Brunei.