Friday, August 20, 2010

LED Brake kit for ER34 - Part.2

Hi~here is the continuation of my LED brake kit. I finally got the whole thing set up and now its already fitted in the boot and in action as I am typing this right now. Check it out~

I attached the LED to make sure it is in working order or else will have to contact the Seller in Australia....

Once its confirmed working, I took out the original bulb and fitted into the brake housing. It only required two screws that screwed onto existing holes.

Here is the picture without LED, the light are concentrate on the center of the third brake light

Here are pictures fitted with LED

The lights are evenly distributed to the third brake light

I will try to get the night shots done by this week. The pictures here don't do it justice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

LED Brake kit for ER34 - Part.1

Good afternoon Brunei, today I did some D.I.Y on my ER34. Readers may recall that few months ago I purchased something online. Well, that item is a LED brake kit for my ER34. I bought it from a dude in Australia who also owned a ER34 and is good at his LED stuff.

LED kit for third brake lights

Here is the process of installing the LED

First we need to remove the boot liner so that I can access to the third brake light

Secondly remove the plastic cover from the boot

Here are the fasterners and bolts

Unscrewing two bots from the boot connecting the third brake light.....

.....and wah lah you got your third brake light removed!

Removed the connector connecting the third brake, then un-clip four clips to remove the plastic red cover so that I can trial fit the LED inside.... be continue.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Porsche Optional Equipment - Sport Chrono Package

When I built the Boxster S last September 2009, there are tons of options to add in the car. The only limit you have is the $$$ in your wallet. I had a few Porsche Optional Equipment added in and one of them is this, called the "Sport Chrono" package which I paid for roughly $1450. For that price, it comes with a "Sport" Button, a very cool Timer gauge that sit on top of the dashboard and a digital lap timing device on the central instrument.

The Sport button is located just below the air-conditioning panel which sit right next to the spoiler button as shown below. When the "Sport" button is activated, the throttle response become more immediate, it also adjusts the rev-limiter to a harder setting, tunes the engine for more performance driving.

Press "Sport" for adrenaline rush

You can activate the Timer gauge to time your lap time or simply time your destination from point A to B

Central instrument reading for more accurate lap timing. Now all I need is a race track.....

I was a bit reluctant to have this option included but after a few research I finally decided to have it included and never regret it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Project : W210 [ Day 46 : Parts Arrival - Window Regulator ]

Day 5 : The Ride
Day 8 : The Big Problem
Day 14 : The Big Plan
Day 15 : Parts Arrival - Key Blade
Day 16 : The Small Problem
Day 34 : Parts Arrival - O.E Hood Emblem
Day 37 : Problem Fixed - Windscreen Panels
Day 39 : Parts Arrival - Sport Pedals
Day 46 : Parts Arrival - Window Regulator

Day 46:-
More parts keep pouring in from my recent Online purchases. This is the window regulator for my faulty left rear window that I just received last week.

Faulty Window regulator is a common problem in most W210. I am sure owners of W210 will or already encountered this problem. That is why there are companies out there that produce cheaper patent parts for consumer like me.

The seller told me this is a patent parts "Made In Germany" but not by Mercedes-Benz. Cost me BND$89.00 including shipping from USA. I did ask for a quotation for the original parts from local Mercedes-Benz(JATI), guess how much they quoted me? $390.00!!! and that is not yet including another $150++ of labour charges!!!!

Quality look promising

I have the window regulator installed at a workshop in Gadong who is a friend of mine for quite sometime. He goes by the name Ah Fong, a renowned car mechanic in our local car scene. The labour charges cost me $65.00 which I also had the rear third brake light reconnected and bulb replaced as well.

This window used to be locked and finally it breathe new air!

Yeah! The left rear window now work like a charm! Up and down with ease. This is the second job for done for PROJECT:W210 after the recent windscreen panels replacement....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just for a Laugh!

The owner of both 911 and Boxster (background) had a rocket launcher installed by his neighbour using mother nature material on his 911 front hood. What a nice neighbour!