Friday, September 30, 2011

The Day I Test Drove a Porsche Boxster 987 Gen.I

Hellow! I had been posting lots of PROJECT:M lately and I think is time to give it a break before I announce my next plan.  I also have yet to review the newly completed I.C.E in Project:M.  

Today I would like to talk about Porsche, yes, Porsche Boxster 987 Gen.I to be precise.

My friend recently just borrowed this 2007 Porsche Boxster 987 Gen.I you see here.  His boss was kind enough to loan him a Porsche for a few days because his car was in the workshop(What a boss!). This is a non-S Boxster, which means it is equipped with a 2.7litre Boxer engine(241hp).  It is also equipped with Porsche 5-Speed TipTronic automatic gearbox

I took it out for a spin at around Kiulap area to check the differences between GEN.I and my GEN.II model. 

After the test droving it,  I  only got one sentence to say,  "Thank God I chose the "S" model BOXSTER! LOL"

Nothing much to complaint about except it has a slower engine compare to my S model.   With the optional TipTronic the engine struggle to rev at low RPM.  But I do like the engine noise coming into the cabin.  In fact it is louder then my 3.4l engine!  Handling wise it is basically the same as a S model.  And also I think GEN.II looks way nicer than GEN.I :P

Sunday, September 25, 2011

PROJECT : M - OEM Spoiler Installed!

Yes!  Spoiler is up and ready for some down force!  LOL, as if the car can travel more than 180km/hr.  Well here it is, installed by my favorite accessories center, AUTOSMART at Serusop. 

Yeah that is the current register number,  I didn't black out the pic because it is for temporary time only. Incase you didn't know, AUTOSMART now cater for bodykits as well.  They even have their own OVEN ROOM for full car painting!

Here it is, the original CD player from the factory

This player is made by PIONEER, I am quite surprise as I do know Toyota do have their own I.C.E company that handle original equipped car.

Secondly, look how cheap these speakers are!  LOL

I believe this set is from the the front....

.....and weight around 450gram.  So so la for a cheap speaker

These I strongly believe belong to the rear,  Why?  Look how freaking small the magnet is!!!!  I was so shocked to find such a super cheap speaker installed at both rear doors.  The magnet is about the size of Brunei 50cents!  LOL, yes I am not kidding you!

And the best part is it weight only 200gram!  You know how freaking light that is?  Rougly the weight of 1~2 KIT-KAT chocolate bars.  LOL

 These are the front tweeters, nothing major here....

So now you had seen the original equipments taken out from the car, which means all the after-market I.C.E for PROJECT:M had already been installed into the car!!!  

I will post more about these very soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PROJECT : M - Sub and Amp

Good morning!  Readers might notice that I had been updating PROJECT : M very regularly.  The main reason for that is the car will be send to AUTOSMART for the I.C.E installation on Thursday this week.

What will be done at AUTOSMART for Project : M ? Check the lists below:-
 Look familiar?  Yeap these are taken from my Nissan Skyline ER34.  Ever since the completion of interior of RE-FRESH ER34,  they had been lying around at my storeroom for quite sometimes.  So I decided to install these into PROJECT:M.  No point getting another new sub and amp as I am planning a bigger things for PROJECT:M exterior!

Can you believe these two items are 10 years old! LOL

Given the restriction of boot space, the Kenwood mono-amp will be fitted underneath the driver's side seat for that stealthy installation

Can't wait for Thursday to come!

Monday, September 19, 2011

PROJECT : M - MTX Road Thudner RTS652 & RTC653

Hello Readers!  I bought 2 sets of speakers for the PROJECT:M. The plan is to replace all OEM speakers with after market speakers! I grabbed this from AUTOSMART(again),  both sets were on offer at BND$149.90.  Quite reasonable given MTX is a popular brand from U.S.  I am sure those bass boomers out there sure heard of MTX,  they are a very popular American I.C.E brand.  I used to have 2 MTX Subwoofer on my very first car back in Oz.  Those were the days.....

Opening the contents
A pair of Tweeters
Speaker Grille
The 6.5" MTX speaker
MTX Crossover
With the MTX Grille fitted on the speaker


This is the MTX ROAD THUNDER RTC-653 Series.  The differences compared to RTS652 is that the Tweeter in this Series is attached on the speaker.  

Just as I suspected,  these Series of MTX ROAD THUNDER is MADE IN RPC(Republic People of China).  Nowadays, many companies are out sourcing to CHINA for their cheap costs and labours.  Anyway, once the PROJECT:M system is done,  I will review on the quality of these speakers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello again!  Another parcel just arrived!  This time the parcel is directly flown in from U.S.  This is KENWOOD DDX-418 2-Din Player that will be install in PROJECT:M.  The price for this player?  BND$505.00 included the shipping costs.  The Custom tax for this item is BND$20.00.  The item took about 2 weeks to arrive.  

Main highlight of KENWOOD DDX-418
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • 6.1 Touch Screen
  • iPOD compatible
  • Front USB
  • Video Input for Reverse Camera

Friday, September 16, 2011

PROJECT : M - Reverse Camera

Woot!  First I.C.E for Project:M just landed!  This one here is a Night Vision Reverse Camera for my new 2-Din player.  I got this off eBay for around BND$22.00 with free shipping!   Amazing price isn't it?   I had a similar camera system in my ER34 without the night vision and I must say it works like a charm!  Check it out

The Contents!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Re-Fresh ER34 - New Prosport Gauges Trial Fitted!

Good afternoon Readers!  Just a small update on Re-Fresh ER34 here.  Remember the Prosport Gauges that I purchase online?  Yeah, I had it trial fitted on the existing GReddy Gauge holder.   Incase you didn't know, the gauges that I bought was 52mm in size.  GReddy gauge holder only holds 60mm, so obviously it won't fit (I knew that anyway when I bought the gauges).

I have a few choices here, either remove the whole GReddy Gauge holder and had the two new gauges fitted on the A-pillar which also mean I have a piece of gauge holder lying around unused.....

....or figure out a way to fit this 52mm gauge without removing the GReddy Holder. Stay tuned!