Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My ER34 Checking on New Entrance

Our family new house is near its completion, and recently they just laid a chunk of new cement road on the front entrance. Last Sunday, I had decided to take ER34 for clearance testing. Here are the pictures.

Arriving at front entrance....

....going up the main entrance road....

....you can see how close the side skirt is to the ground....

....I would say there is about 1 or 2 inches of clearances....

....arriving safely on site....

....one of two garages for ER34 siblings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Product Review - Soft 99 LightOne

Every motorists knows that our equatorial weather are freaking hot, it is bad for our cars. Especially the headlamps, nowadays manufacturer had the headlamp molded from plastic instead of the traditional glass headlamp. Partly because of the production costs. One big disadvantage of plastic headlamp is that without proper care it will turn yellowish from the outer layer of the headlamp. And you and me know it is very hard to remove that stubborn stain. Well, now you don't have to worry no more. I purchased this product called Soft 99 LightOne, which was introduced by a good friend of mine. It removed all those stubborn yellowish stain on the headlamps with ease. Read further

Here is the front headlamp of my brother 2003 BMW Z4. Nope, those are not overnight rain stains, those are actual stubborn stains which had been their for quite sometimes.

.... u can see the stains around the indicator section too....

...introducing SOFT99 Light One, costing only BND15.00....

....comes with two solutions and cottons for removing the stains

Tada!!! Here are the results, I am very impress as it removed almost 95% of the stubborn stains.(well the other 5%, lets just say my bro didn't take good care of this car)

....highly recommended for all car motorists and car purist!

....of course, my little ER34 get both headlamps treated too!

....it removed 100% of the stubborn stains on ER34! Looking like brand new...hahaha

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friends Rides - Honda NSX-R (Replica)

Ok, starting from now I will start to post some of my close friends rides in here. Today I want to introduce to you my friend Danny rides, the NSX-R replica. Danny is also the owner of HKS SHH-Proshop of Brunei.

First of all, all the parts you are looking at here are either original OEM parts or direct imported from Japan aftermarket parts dealers. The car started out as stock NSX painted in original red livery. After a year of project the car is now finalised in its true NSX-R formed. Check it out

Tons of Carbon Fibre accessories

Customised with after market engine bay

F1 styled Air Scooped

Original NSX-R OEM bonnet

Aftermarket side air scoop

Persona Steering Wheel with aftermarket interior accessories

A pair of BRIDE seats

Endless 6 Pots Caliper with SSR Type-C RS wheels

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Second Rides

Introducing my second ride, Lexus IS300. I bought it early 2007 and had been my daily ride from work to home. Nowadays, I only managed to drive the ER34 only 2-3 times a week. Big reason is I do not want to be caught by the man in blue. The color chosen on the Lexus is Artic White Metallic(I think). The car is dead stock apart from the aftermarket HID. I was planning for a full kit and 19", but again thanks to the man in blue I decided not to touch this car so I have no trouble travelling around Brunei.