Wednesday, December 22, 2010


SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!!
LEXUS IS300 2007
  • Mileage - 67000+ KM
  • Stock car (No Modification)
  • Exterior body well taken care by careful owner
  • Interior top notch condition
  • Service history in NBT (Document provided)
  • Just replaced all 4 tyres

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : LED Bulb for ER34 Tail lights

One of the bulb on ER34 smaller tail light just went busted! So I went to Brunei favorite superstore, HuaHo to find a replacement bulb. When I was there the lady told me they had already sold out. So they introduced to me this new LED Bulb. It cost $8.00 for a pair and took me a while to really convince myself to get it.

After testing the LED I decided to give it a try. Worst to come I will be wasting $16.00 because I bought two sets.

The LED is white in color and compare to normal LED, this one has 5 different LED on each corner of the bulb

Taking out the right rear tail light cover. The bulb that I am replacing is the smaller ring tail light

Traditonal halogen bulb

New skool LED bulb!

Can you tell the differences? One of them is still using the traditional bulb, and the other with new LED bulb

Left using traditional bulb, right using new LED bulb. Looks the same to me! LOL

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : I.C.E Installation at Autosmart

Autosmart showroom, I think is the biggest accessories store in Brunei. Located in Serusop same way as the Mosque opposite to Serusop HuaHo Department store

They catered for automotive accessories, bodykits and I.C.E. Recently, they upgraded their garage with two new paint booth for painting of bodykits(pic below)

I brought my car there last week to have my new I.C.E installed. Here are the progress pictures

Here is Ah Ping wrapping more 3M Carbon for my ER34!

Check out the final completed air-con vent and console!

Don't you just love his smooth job

This is Ah Yang taking out my 10years old sub-woofer! Yes, this Pioneer sub-woofer had been with ER34 after one month I got my car. And guess what, the woofer still booming like new! Sadly due to the weight of the woofer and the box(at least 10kg) it need to be removed for a lighter ride

The new Re-Fresh ER34 boot, simple and neat!

Here is the new 10" Compact sub-woofer that I purchased from Autosmart

Sadly, it can't fit under the seat so I had it installed just behind the driver's seat

The engine compartment is seriously in need of a good clean-up

Little Porsche checking out on big bro

Monday, December 6, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : New I.C.E

Here are some I.C.E stuff I bought from both online and local shop.

Pioneer AVH-P3200BT that I purchased online from USA

Reverse camera that I had in my closet for well over 4 years, finally I can put it in good use!

This is a 10" compact subwoofer that I purchased from AUTOSMART. My old subwoofer will be taken out soon as I do not want heavy load behind the ER34 boot. So I chose this compact subwoofer and will had it installed underneath driver's side seat.

Accessories and Bass control

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : 3M Carbon on Driver's Side Switch Panel

When I had the door panels taken out for BRIDE re-trim recently, I was looking at my aging driver's side switch panel that is showing its wears and tears. I was planning for a respray with matt black or aluminium looks but then I remember the current "in" thing going on in car accessories is the 3M Carbon(pic below).

Basically it is just a fake carbon-fibre made from vinyl. The great thing about the product is it is made by 3M. The material can be stretch, cut or trim to fit just about any kind of shape of objects.

So I decided to go and give it a try at AUTOSMART. Check out the result of my RE-FRESH Driver side swith panel. Two thumbs up!!!

A big shout out for Ah Ping from AUTOSMART who took his precious time to carefully trim and fitting of the Driver's Side switch panel!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : Pioneer AVH-P3200BT

LOL, got ER34 another car player. This is Pioneer AVH-P3200BT and I purchased it Online that cost 50% cheaper then some place that are selling it in Brunei. I always wanted a Touchscreen CD player and finally my dream had came true! This one also come with Bluetooth for pairing with my mobilephone! I also had one Car Video camera lying in my closet for quiet sometime. So I am gonna use it for Reverse camera function which is also featured in this player.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : BRIDE Custom Interior

Good morning! Finally got my ER34 rear seat, door panels and rear quarter panels back from M.B SHENG CUSHION ENTERPRISES. The shop is located in Gadong next to Everstrong.

This shop is my preferred upholstery replacement shop as they have top team with skills and qualities to match. The price is quite reasonable too! In fact this is my second time going back there to have the ER34 cushions replaced!

Here is the picture of the shop

And here are the finished, replaced BRIDE upholstery. Check it out!

This is ER34 rear cushion. The only thing replaced is the center part of both left and right seats with BRIDE black gradiation upholstery.

They stitched every column to make it comfortable to sit

Driver side door panel with BRIDE black gradiation

I am going for a more subtle interior this time that is why I am replacing the old red panel with BRIDE black gradiation

Passenger Door side

Rear quarter panel

Friday, November 19, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : Dismantling Interior

Yesterday, I brought my car to Camden Autoservice again. This time for dismantling of ER34 interior. I am preparing the interior for the new fabric that will be installed very soon.

I am also thinking of 3M Carbon look on the door handle section, let see how it goes....

At the same time I had Fong checked on both my windows. ER34 is more than 10 years old and the window mechanism is kinda sloppy, so Fong solution was to put some grease to the mechanical parts. Now the both windows wind up and down like new!

Re-Fresh ER34 : Bride Fabric Seat

Here is the first item that will be going into ER34 very soon. I bought this online and also just found out that one of the local shop will be importing this in as well. This is BRIDE fabric. We all know BRIDE are famous for its racing seat. This is the fabric that come with the Bride logo and livery colors. Soon I will be upgrading my seats to BRIDE so I am preparing for a full interior Re-Fresh with Bride fabric.

Hopefully the size is enough for the ER34 interior

more update soon!