Sunday, August 23, 2009

My ER34 Driver Side Xenon went hay wire!!! Pt.2

The following day, after discovering my driver's side HID had went busted. I immediately drove to my favorite car accessories store Seng Hoe Huat Autosmart for immediate replacement. I was a bit reluctant to change the whole HID system as it required further cutting and modification of wiring loom. Luckily after speaking to Ah Ping, one of the experience electrician, he said that there is no need to replace the whole system including the ballast. He recommended Philips HID D2R 6000k Flash white replacement bulbs. Thank goodness SHH Autosmart had one last set left. It is a bit pricey compared to the aftermarket version but then again it is Made In Germany. Check it out~

If you never been to SHH Autosmart at Serusop, I highly recommend you to check it out as it is filled with all the accessories that a boyracer would want in a three storeys building

My car in V.I.P room :P

This time the HID really went busted instead of growing red

The recommeded HID Philip D2R 6000k Flash White

New HID fitted on passenger side headlamp

Now both headlamp had been replaced with new HID

- I have to thanks the Boss of SHH Autosmart for the special price on HID and Ah Ping for his expertise on fitting the HID on my Skyline -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My ER34 Driver Side Xenon went hay wire!!! Pt.1

Tonight I just found out the driver's side of my ER34 Xenon had turn reddish. If you look at the pictures below you can see the differences between a busted Xenon and normal working Xenon. I do recall from the driver's manual that when an Xenon or HID turned pinkish or reddish it usually mean the gas or some crap are not functional anymore. So I guess it is time for me to go to my favorite car accessory store to check out on the aftermarket Xenon or HID.

Looks kinda cool with that redish or pinkish light

..but I hate it!!!