Monday, June 28, 2010

More parts for my ER34....

Yahoo!!! I just received this item recently from family member that just returned back from Perth.... Got this from an online store. I had been searching high and low for this item. Can anyone guess what part is this for the ER34?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Project : W210 [ Day 8 : The Big Problem ]

Day 1 : Announcement
Day 5 : The Ride
Day 8 : The Big Problem

DAY 8 :-
I am now in the progress of ordering parts from Online store and also from our local agent Jati Transports(Mercedes-Benz agent of Brunei). These are some pictures of the more serious and visible wear and tear of my Project:W210.

Both left and right front headlamp are beyond repair. Mercedes Benz quality at its lowest. These are very common problem with many cars in Brunei. I think it's the material used that is not suitable for our weather condition.

The windscreen plastic panel are broken into thousand pieces....another post 90s Mercedes quality control....

Crack on lower rear bumper lip

Damaged lower side panel

Some part of the car paints that is coming off....

Broken trunk lit

Check out the central wheel cap.... not so shiny after all....

Another worn central wheel cap

Missing front bonnet emblem!!! I have to thanks my maid for breaking the Silver Arrow

Missing side blinker!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project : W210 [ Day 5 : The Ride ]

Day 1 : Announcement
Day 5 : The Ride

DAY 5 :-
Mercedes Benz unveiled the first oval-headlamp E-Class in 1995; it caught the competition off guard, rewrote the book on how a mid-level luxury sedan ought to look, and took the car buying public by storm. But sadly due to poor quality control the car was bombarded by complaints from owner all over the world which also including ME!!!

I will cut the story short, our family took ownership of this ride in 1997 and had been in our stables till now. The car is still in its original Silver color and had no modification to it. Instead this car gave us ton of headaches such as reliabilities and quality issues during its early age.

I had always wanted to make this car look good from its original looks when we first bought it but was always busy with my work and other long lists of "work". Hehe. Recently, I suddenly had the mood to have this dream fulfill. The car is now in its 13 years of age. Sourcing parts is now easy as it is widely available Online, cheaply too.

I will give out more details as what plan I have for this ride in the next post. Please regularly check the progress of this car as I want to make it one of the most enjoyable project I will ever tackle.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Porsche Design goodies.....

Purchased some more Porsche Design goodies for myself and soon to be born baby boy. Check it out!

Genuine Porsche Design Selection

Porsche Design Jacket, Baby romper suit and Baby baseball cap

Hehe, the romper suit is so cute! Can't wait to put it on my baby

Porsche Design baseball cap for children....

Porsche Design racing jacket!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Porsche Boxster S in

Good morning everyone! In Brunei there are a few local newspaper and a few local online newspaper available for us. Every morning before I start my work I will go to my usual websites to read some news and automotive articles.

Today while I was skim reading the page, I came a across a picture that somehow look like my car. Upon close inspection, it turn out to be a tiny portion of a my Boxster S front license plate.

The article can be Read Here. site

This is the picture that they published

This is what I blogged a month ago

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Porsche Turbo Brochure

Another Porsche brochure given to me from the nice people at QAF. This is the brochure for Porsche 911 Turbo. By far, the coolest brochure ever to be given to me! Price tag on the Porsche Turbo is BND$315,000 base car. I was told 3 units will be coming soon with accessories added topping up to $350,000. Gulp! Anyway just enjoy the brochure....

Simple package with printed "turbo" lettering

Upon opening the package you will be greeted by a brochure....

....when you pick up the brochure, there is another hidden item beneath it....

....a very cool miniature of the 500hp 3.8litre Boxer engine!

It's heavy and is pretty detail itself

Again, can't own the real thing, brochure is good enough to motivate me to work harder....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Porsche Boxster S with 19" Turbo Wheels

Had been eyeing on these 19" Porsche Turbo wheels for quite sometimes. I really like the triple blades per spoke design. I had it "trial " fitted on the Porsche configurator and is by far my favorite wheels in the Porsche wheels ranges. Customer can choose to retro fit different wheels design available by Porsche when purchasing any new Porsche Boxster, Cayman and 911. Of course you need to pay additional costs. Almost all the wheels available can be shared among the Porsche model ranges.

Here is one fitted on first gen 987