Saturday, January 12, 2013

JABRA Freeway for Porsche Boxster S

A good friend of mine got this for me from HK.  This is JARBRA Freeway, a bluetooth hands-free system for my Porsche.  As you all know I never optioned for a Bluetooth system from Porsche catalogue.  Till this day I think I made the right choice because the damn thing cost almost BND$2000 for just two buttons on the dash.  

This Jabra Freeway on the other hand only cost me BND$180.00 and is one of the top recommended product in most gadget magazines.  It is very simple to use and has a very loud speaker for clear conversation!  On standby mode it can last almost 1 month!  Talking hour is roughly 7 hours constant.  The best part of this gadget is it being able to automatically activate and deactivate when driver's coming in and out of the car.  This help save the battery power!

This gadget now is nicely clipped on the driver's sunshade.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Dream Machines....That Got Away.....

I am sure all the car lovers out there has certain car that they wish they can own. We are not talking about supercar class here,  we are talking cars that you and me can actually afford.  We all been there before, seeing your favorite machine drove pass you and you asking yourself  "Damn I wish I can have you!"

For me, Toyota Supra and Dodge Nitro are the two machines that gave me this feeling.  The first time when I saw a Toyota Supra it wasn't even a real car.  It was a 1/24 scale plastic car model that I discovered in a hobby store back in Perth Australia when I first started out car modelling,  It was 1993 at that time and yes that is 20 years ago and the car still look amazing!  Toyota Supra no doubt age very well with its look.  I have a big heart for this car but sadly I never had the chance to sit in one yet! To find a prestine condition in Brunei is very hard.  Last I remember one for sale in some website for below BND$40k!

Next up is the DODGE NITRO
When it was imported back in 2009 I was still working for my parent and couldn't afford this beast.  The car is no longer available in Brunei now that I can afford it!  DAMN!  When I was out searching for my family car last year, this is the car that top the list!  I am a big MOPAR fans and seeing this on the road give me the chill down my spine.

I don't why but Dodge models always give me that WOW factors compare to other brand.  Maybe because their car is big and bulky and their design very much sum up the whole car itself.

I do not know how many units were imported in Brunei but it is very very rare to see one in Brunei road.  Finding a used one is near impossible because I had never seen one for sale!  The price for a brand new Nitro at that time was around BND$70K.  Cheap consider the price hike now due to increas in Custom Vehicle Tax in Brunei.

Sigh! I really would love to own these two beauties here.  Just like the Daihatsu Materia that I had before, it is one of my must get car in my list.  Sadly it didn't last 1 year. LOL

Monday, January 7, 2013


Just received this Geniune BMW MINI iPod cable from Virginia.  Reason for the freebies was for the successful sales from my two friends who recently purchased both MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper Cabriolet S. 

The cable you looking at here is not just another simple iPod cable.  Apart for music purposes, we can download the apps from iTUNES called "MINI CONNECTED".  From this apps we can actually check the engine horsepower, torque and water temp!  Yes! all modern MINI doesn't come with water temp gauge!  And Yes! It is very awkward driving around not knowing your water temp!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project : Blue Devil - Union Jack Style Aluminum Door Emblems Installed

Happy New Year everyone! Time sure flies past fast.  It is 2013 already and I hope you all have a good and happy holiday.  I finally had this installed during X'mas holiday.  It was very easy to install, just peel off the double-tape and attached to the door opener.  A very quick 3minutes labor intensive work.  LOL