Monday, December 21, 2015

New Car In Brunei - Mercedes Benz GLE 450 AMG

When my eyes first lay on the actual car today, I couldn't stop drooling over it!  What a freaking awesome looking car!  This is the latest new model Mercedes Benz GLE450 AMG!  Do not confuse the GLE450 AMG with GLE63.  GLE450 AMG is AMG first sports model.  It's heart and soul is a twin-turbo 3.0 V6 front engine that has been tweek by AMG.  It makes 367hp with up to 500Nm of torque!  Very impressive pulling power.  It is mated with Mercedes Benz 9G-Tronic transmission. The model also come with factory fitted all round AMG body styling.  The interior is a carry over from the latest GLE.  The price for this cool beast is BND$146K+ OTR.  It is loaded with many optional features and all of the units had been sold!

Mercedes Benz signature DRL.  Check out the twin "tear-drops" LED lights!

New Car In Brunei - Mercedes Benz GLC250 Edition One

Finally got the chance to see the all new Mercedes Benz GLC up close.  This particular model shown here is the GLC250 Edition One.  The price is about BND$92K+ OTR,  which is about $10K+  more premium compare to regular GLC250.  The main highlight of Edition One are the full "Designo" leather interior and 20" AMG wheels.  The interior of GLC is basically the carry over from the new C-Class. The main competitors for GLC segment are the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and the recently launched in Brunei, Range Rover Discovery Sports.

By the way the GLC is selling like hot cake.  Only a few units left and the next shipment is some where second quarter of 2016!

The one on the left is the regular GLC250...I think I will take the GLE450 AMG anytime!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Car In Brunei - Porsche 911 Targa 4S

Good evening readers!  I was at QAF Porsche to have my Boxster battery check.  I came across this cool 911 while waiting.  This is the second Targa 4S to landed in Brunei, it is the same specs as the previous dark blue I posted earlier this year.  Price is the same as the first unit which is BND$295K++.  

As this is not yet sold,  I was given the opportunity to see how the Targa system works. Damn what a sight and engineering feats. The mechanism is very quiet when activated and can be open/close with a touch of a button on the remote key in less then 15secs! I cannot imagine the possibility of people rear ending this car.  Will be a pain in the ass to repair and not to mention the cost for the Targa mechanism.

New Car In Brunei - Porsche Cayman GTS

A sinister Porsche Cayman GTS can be spotted at QAF Porsche showroom.  Not sure how many Boxster/Cayman GTS has landed already in Brunei but I do know at least 4 units.  The "981" really is selling like hot cake not just in Brunei.  Next year they will be Porsche will introduce the facelift Boxster/Cayman and will be model as "714"!  The Porsche Boxster/Cayman will no longer be available in 6 cylinder, instead it will be offer with Porsche in-house turbo-charged boxer 4 cylinders engine.  And for the first time, the Boxster will be price higher then the Cayman.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Car In Brunei - 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC


Some one with sharp eyes spotted this cool new model from Mercedes Benz, the GLC!  This car is due to debut this Saturday at Radisson Hotel.  I am still deciding to attend or not as I was invited for the launching.  The GLC is a mid size SUV similar to the BMW X3.  Will update you guys more info about this new model if I attend the launching!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friends Rides - 2015 Toyota Alphard

My friend just took prize with his new 2015 Toyota Alphard.  This photo are quite fresh as he visited me immediately upon picking up the car at NBT Gadong.  This new model will cost you around BND$85K++ for the 2.5litre with 180hp mated with 7 Speed CVT gearbox. Anyway, numbers are not important here because car like this is more toward about style and comfort.

This new third generation Alphard is a whole new meaning of travel with your whole family with STYLE!  It is so luxurious and comfortable sitting at both front and rear.

That grille is a love/hate thing.  When I first saw this car on paper I didn't really like it.  But it is better looking in the flesh.  I can imagine if this is my ride the first thing I would do is soup up the body with cool aerokit!

Nice 4 points DRL LED

More LED at the rear tail lights

18" just enough for the comfort ride home.  What do you think of the wheels?  I kinda like it.

No shortage of luxury here

Twin sunroof are fitted as standard

This model is a 2+2+2, 6 seaters configuration.

This is me and the new owner sitting comfortly!  Look how much leg room this car has after we raised the foot rest up!  By the way we are well over 6 feet tall!

Ah yes! The privacy shades for all the naughty things you can do behind the wheels!

LCD screen and central climate control air-con

Check out the cool mood lightnings.  You can change the color to suit your mood!

Yes that is an Ionizer air purifier called NANOE by Toyota! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Car Spotting In Brunei - Toyota Supra Mk.IV

Spotting a Toyota Supra in Brunei is like searching for a Unicorn in the wild.  This model is so rare in Brunei you would thought they had already went extinct!  This particular example is painted in Fast and Furious style bright orange color!  Fitted with what I can see a TRD rear spoiler with aero body. Thumbs up to the owner!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Car In Brunei - 2016 BMW X1 and 2016 BMW 3-Series (Facelifted)

After visiting VOLVO showroom, we took a quick drive to nearby QAF BMW for their launching of the new BMW X1 and facelift BMW 3-Series.  The X1 is a pretty good looking machine compared to its previous generation.  BMW in-cooperate the new X5 design cue on the new X1.  Honestly it work very well in my opinion.  I really like how the body is slicker than before.  The price for this particular shown here is BND$69K++.  A big price hike but better equipped compared to the out going model.  If I can choose between my Mini Countryman S or new X1, I would pick the new X1!

This is the new BMW 3-series, as it is a face-lift model you won't notice much changes apart from the new redesigned LED front and rear lamps.  This white one in particular is the 320i Sport Line.  The 320i model is differentiated with a different "M" front bumper, "M" rear bumper and bigger "M" sport wheels package as compared to the 318i.  This white example also has an upgraded M steering wheel as compared to the 318i.  The new 3-Series also received updated engines across the range.  Price for the 318i is around BND$60K++ whereas the 320i is asking for around $80k++. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Visit To Volvo Showroom at Beribi

A friend of mine is looking for a new ride and asked me and another friend to join him at Volvo showroom for test driving the Volvo V40.  I met up with my friend an hour later as I also want to check out the latest SUV, Volvo XC90.  Sadly there was no XC90 because launching of the new model is expecting around first half of 2016.  Nevertheless, we did see a few cool rides, in particular these two Polestar V40 and V60!

Never heard of Polestar?  Well they are the official performance arm of Volvo just as AMG to Mercedes-Benz and M to BMW!  The blue example here is Polestar V40, I was told this example here is pretty loaded with options.  This blue machine will set you around BND$65K!

Below is a Volvo Polestar V60.  Costing over BND$130K+++!  I was told this is the one and only in Brunei at the moment. The car featured a 3.0 turbocharged straight 6-engine that produced 345hp with 500Nm!  It is AWD and goes from 0 to 100km/hr in 5.2sec!

20" wheels with 6-pistons caliper with Polestar logo!

Exhaust note is as loud as some Italian exotic! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Car Spotting In Brunei - Porsche Boxster (981)

I spotted a cool looking Porsche Boxster today behind my shop.  You will notice the cool looking wheels from the photos immediately.  Those are the same wheels company as Boxster S.  This particular model is called HC-053 from BC-WHEELS.  This red color is called the Guard Red in Porsche catalogue.

Something caught my attention when I took the rear profile of the car.  Non "S" Boxster only comes with  single exhaust tip whereas this particular has twin exhaust tips.  Upon closer inspection I found out the stock exhaust has been upgraded with ARMYTRIX exhausts system! 

Very good looking color combo wheels