Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alamak!!!!!! Broken ER34 Gauge Pod!!! Pt.2

Finally I got the gauge pod fixed. It was a frustrating morning yesterday trying to fix the damn thing.

Firstly, I tried to use strong 3M double tape to hold it in place, that didn't work out. So I decided to glue back the broken parts using my hobby cement. Then I went straight to a hardware store to find the right screws to fit into brackets. I found the screws and screwed back into the brackets. Luckily, the brackets were not badly damaged or else I would have to buy a brand new gauge pod.

Lets pray to god and hope this two screws will hold the gauge in place!

This is the new look of my RE-FRESH 3M Carbon look gauge pod. The job was done by Ping from AUTOSMART Shop at Serusop. I really have to give him the credits for creating such a beautiful piece of work. There are about 4 pieces of 3M carbon on this gauge pod.

Seamlessly jointed!

The picture below is the old 3M Carbon look that I used to have. He didn't do a great job on this one that's why I took it back to ask him to try again. The arrows showing the joints and also some 3M carbon peeling off.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peugeot RCZ finally landed in Brunei!

Yesterday I received a call from a Saiful(car dealer) from TCY Motors Peugeot. He told me that the latest PEUGEOT RCZ had finally landed in Brunei and is now currently hidden inside their showroom. With no time to spare, I quickly zoom to the showroom and take a quick peek. Good enough the salesman let me went inside the hidden chamber to take a few quick photos.

When he opened the hidden chamber door to review the car to me, I was really just standing there and gawking at it. Really, it is such a beautiful car. This car had been in my dream list ever since it was launched last year.

The Peugeot RCZ can be yours for roughly BND$66,000. I was told that I am not the only person interested in this car. Apparently there are already many people inquiry on this car way before it was imported. Two more units will be arriving very soon too.

The RCZ comes with 19" wheels

Check out the twin "bubble roof"!! Awesome when pairing with chrome A-pillar!

It comes with pop-up spoiler too!

I think I will create a new section in this blog cater for all the new cars that arrive in Brunei. No, no I am not going to be a car journalist. I am doing it cause I want to do some news report on those cool rides that are going to hit our Brunei street. I think I will call this new section "New Car In Brunei"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Which One ? Pt.3

Yay! Finally we had decided to get our new future family car!

So Which one?

Well, I will announce when I collect the car and hopefully within this two weeks. So stay tune!


Porsche Advertisment

Came across this two TV Ad from Youtube. Check it out!

Porsche Boxster

(My dog will never get to sit on the passenger!)

Porsche 911, Cayman, GTS and Turbo

(Nicely portrait of how useful a Porsche can be)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alamak!!!!!! Broken ER34 Gauge Pod!!! Pt.1

Things are certainly not going well for my ER34 today. While driving to work, I discover that the central gauges had some how "came-off" from its mounting. If I can recall, the gauges are suppose to be held by two screws. Those who are not familiar with Nissan ER34, the car originally come with triple gauges pod installed on the central console.

When I reached my shop, I quickly grab my tools for further inspection of the problem....

My worst fear came true, the gauge pod that were usually held by two screws are no longer there (shown on red). The plastic points where the screws are suppose to be screwed on are now broken and now there is nothing holding the gauges in place. I don't know why, maybe the car is just too old or maybe Nissan had crap plastic material....

For now, I will just use 3M double-sided tape to hold it it place first. Will try to work out on something to have it fitted back again properly.

Now the top center console is very empty and very ugly....LOL

Should I move my Defi VSD to this side ? Thinking thinking....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Which One ? Pt.2

Last Tuesday, me and my wife took some time off in the morning to finally give ourselves a chance to go car hunting. If you can recall from my previous post, we had a few mid sized SUV and CUV on the lists that we would like to check it out.

We went to the Car dealers and guess what ? Non of them fit our requirement. Our problem with all the cars is the space in the boot. As I said earlier in the post, we need a boot where it can fit my baby stroller plus other shopping stuff when we go shopping. We were checking the boot space and trying to fit my baby stroller in the mentioned cars(yes, i brought my baby stroller to the showroom hehe), most of them just or barely fit the stroller and left a little or virtually no space for any other stuff. Haiya , you know in life, sometime you just cannot get what you want.

So now we given up hunting for mid-sized SUV or CUV. Now we are upping the scale to full size MPV, SUV or CUV. Here are the lists that we are currently interested in.

Ford S-Max 2011 (MPV) - BND$35K

Jeep Cherokee (SUV) BND$58K

Peugeot 5008 (MPV) BND$62K

Dodge Journey (CUV) BND$49K

Let see how we will go with the new choices. Will post more news very soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Two Rides Out On The Street Of Kiulap

Just took these pictures yesterday, kinda rare that I have both of my cars parked in front of my shop. Both were driven by me yesterday. So if you asked me how is it possible? Well the Boxster was at QAF two days ago for some inspection. I didn't expect to get the car back so soon so I also drove the Nissan out to work. Usually my driver will pick me up to avoid this kind of situation.

Anyway I just want to take the chance to take some pictures because is kinda rare for me to see both of my cars out on the street at the same time and park right next to each other.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kia Soul and Boxster S

Caught this moment just few days ago, really I have to say Kia Soul is a damn funky car. Love the red contrasting with the Boxster yellow....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Which one ? Pt.1

Now that my Lexus is gone, it is time to find a new replacement. This time the ride has to do its job. Firstly and most importantly criteria is to ferry all my family member in comfort. It has to seat at least 4 people including one child seat. As it is my very first family car for my new born little Javier, engine is no longer a top priority. Safety come first!

I had always wanted a mid SUV(Sport Utility Vehicle) or CUV(CrossOver Utility Vehicle). Finally I can make my dream come true! Lol. I have several cars in my head and all of them are currently available in Brunei.

Hyundai Sportage 2010
Have seen quite a few on road, nicely design and packed with features. Will probably drop by the showroom to check out the price and spec. I remember the last time when I was at the showroom, one of the salesman told me this car need waiting lists of 6 months....

KIA Sportage 2011[2.4 High Spec]
Another Korean car, this one caught my eye because they have DRL on their higher range. The most amazing feature for this car is the 5 years warranty/ 150,000km warranty. I don't think there is any car in Brunei that can beat that. Price is about $33k.

Could this be my very first French cuisine? LOL. I pop by TCY newly opened showroom few months ago and saw this car. The only thing I really like about this car is the super huge panoramic roof! This car cost $49k. Anyone own Peugeot out there? Care to share some of their reliability issue?

There are a few more new car models going to be launch soon. We shall see how in 3 months......


On another note, I am also planning to get another small car for my newly opened CH-TOYNATION. The reason for a small car is because I want to promote my store using the car and also for me to easily get around town. Driving Porsche Boxster is kinda difficult as sometime the front and rear boot cannot fully filled my stuff. Here are some of the model I am thinking about....

KIA Soul [High Spec]

TOYOTA Bb - only available from import....

DAIHATSU Materia - any one selling their Materia? Please contact me A.S.A.P