Friday, November 19, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : Dismantling Interior

Yesterday, I brought my car to Camden Autoservice again. This time for dismantling of ER34 interior. I am preparing the interior for the new fabric that will be installed very soon.

I am also thinking of 3M Carbon look on the door handle section, let see how it goes....

At the same time I had Fong checked on both my windows. ER34 is more than 10 years old and the window mechanism is kinda sloppy, so Fong solution was to put some grease to the mechanical parts. Now the both windows wind up and down like new!

Re-Fresh ER34 : Bride Fabric Seat

Here is the first item that will be going into ER34 very soon. I bought this online and also just found out that one of the local shop will be importing this in as well. This is BRIDE fabric. We all know BRIDE are famous for its racing seat. This is the fabric that come with the Bride logo and livery colors. Soon I will be upgrading my seats to BRIDE so I am preparing for a full interior Re-Fresh with Bride fabric.

Hopefully the size is enough for the ER34 interior

more update soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Re-Fresh ER34 : Foreword


In April 2011, my ER34 will be officially having its 10 year ownership with me. During this 10 years, my ER34 had 3 set of different Bodykits, 1 Major engine overhaul, 2 HKS turbocharger swapped, 2 Intercooler upgrade, 1 Interior overhaul, 2 set of Advan Rims, 6 different CD player upgrade(LOL) and other too many to list.

To celebrate this moment, I am planning for a RE-FRESH on ER34, hence the new title.
The last time I was playing with it was 2008 when it was having a major engine overhaul and turbo swap. So for this Re-Fresh I have no plan to touch the engine.

I will be concentrating on a the lists below:-

1. Body re-spray
2. Fresh new interior
3. Spoiler
4. In-Car Entertainment

Current Interior

This Interior was done in 2006 if I can recall. Now it is begging for a fresh new interior!

The door panel will be getting the Re-Fresh....

.... so as the rear panel!

more Re-Fresh coming soon....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ER34 in Camden Autoservice

Today I took my ER34 to a workshop to had the clutch and steering pump check. I usually go to my regular workshop, but since they couldn't fix my steering pump, I had the car brought to my old friend who is quite popular in the modify car scene in Brunei. He goes with the name Fong, and had always been servicing my ER34 ever since he started his work in Brunei in 2002.

He is now in-charge of Camden Autoservice situated at Gadong behind Bismi Bookstore or next to Lexus Showroom. I had the car put in yesterday and today the car is fixed!

I had the clutch lining and clutch cover replaced. Fung also skimmed the NISMO flywheel. The steering pump was given a repair kit treatment. Hopefully it will work out.

My car is seriously in need for a new paint job. Thank goodness I finally got a slot at Wong Workshop next month and ER34 will get a full fresh respray!

Check out the wear and tear in both above and below pictures. Too much rock chips and contacts on road surface.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Motor Paced Racing

I came across this photo above and was wondering what did this people do to a nice Porsche 935!! From the picture it looks like they added some kind of roof or spoiler for some sort of aerodynamic. I googled and found out it is called Motor Paced Racing or Cycling....

"Motor-paced racing and motor-paced cycling refer to bicycling behind a motorized pacer. The slipstream created by the pacer increases speed and endurance of the bicyclist. In motor-paced racing each competing bicyclist or "stayer" closely follows his motorcycle with its pacing driver. Motor-pacing has also been used by bicyclists for speed and endurance records and as a training exercise. Motor-pacing is dangerous and, based on location, may be illegal on the open road."

Here is a model depicting Motor Paced Racing or Cycling