Thursday, February 13, 2014

"392 HEMI" Badge on SRT Jeep

My first accessories for my SRT Jeep and certainly won't be my last.  My next purchases after this badge will be performances parts.  Will most likely be installing cold-air intake and exhaust systems. Will update more in the future!  Oh I took these pictures during Chinese New Year Eve's a few weeks ago.  Took a good 3 hours to wash this beast.  It was a good exercise and thankfully it did not rain during Chinese New Year!

Notice the new badge?  This is a genuine MOPAR parts that I imported from Canada.  The badge is meant for other SRT models such as Challenger and Charger.  Nevertheless it can apply to other SRTs since all SRTs share the same engine, except the SRT Viper.

Comes with different color but I chose the "Grey on Black" surface because I want the rear of my car to look subtle.  I only want the Jeep and SRT badges to be visible from afar.

Oh incase you didn't know "392" stands for "392 cubic inch" which also means 6.4 litre!  As for "HEMI", it is the trademark engine built by Chrysler which feature a hemispherical combustion chamber.  (I have no idea what that is.  All I know is it makes big horsepower LOL)