Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally~ Porsche Boxster S is home!

This is the last time my Porsche Boxster S will stay inside the Porsche Showroom with its older brothers. Today, I had instructed QAF staff that I would like to have my car sent back to my home while we are still waiting for the freaking "Bluecard" to be registered! Talk about efficency from the Land Transport Department! Hopefully it will be done tomorrow and I can get the car registered ASAP as my wedding are closing in!

Today is the first time I actually drove my car!!!! I am so speechless after driving it from QAF to my home. It's about 20 mins drive and let me tell you two main features of the car that really impressed me in my very first drive. First is the exhaust noise and secondly the short shifter!

19/01/2010 - 4:35pm
Bye bye QAF showroom...

Back license plate attached at rear bumper

New license plate attached at front bumper!

19/01/2010 - 5:15pm
Boxster S parked next to older bro Skyline ER34....can you see the Daytime LED driving lights activated on the Porsche?

Honestly, I was expecting the Boxster to be smaller then Skyline but I was wrong! The Porsche Boxster is almost identical in length with the my Nissan Skyline

Not too sure about the width yet but once I sat inside the car it feels as big as the Skyline ER34 too! One thing thats for sure is I felt very close to the ground sitting inside the driver seat, which is good!

Check out the interior. Metropole Blue roof can be seen here. The Sea Blue interior still looks like black from here. You really have to see it in person as picture doesnt do it justice.

I am still flittering around with the Boxster and will post more pictures soon~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Polishing and waxing at Auto Werke Pt.2

I visited Auto Werke around 4pm today as my agent told me they will just leave the car with the polish center as it was still raining very heavily. I hope the rain will stop for my registration tomorrow. Really do not want the car to be dirty just after polished.

Big brother is watching over you~~

The car is finally shinning in its yellow glory!

I really love the front end of the Boxster S

Can't wait to take it out for a spin~

Check out the yellow leather carpet lining and yellow seat belt!

Illuminated "Boxster S" side sills

Polishing and waxing at Auto Werke Pt.1

Yesterday, my agent pit my car for polishing in preparation for registration at Land Transport tomorrow. The polish workshop is called AUTO WERKE, located at Gadong near T.K Restaurant. As we all know we were bombarded by extreme heavy rain falls yesterday. I pay a little visit to Auto Werke yesterday only to realise that they had closed early due to the heavy rain. So today, I decided to pay them another visit but in the morning (in case it heavy rain again and they have to close early again). Thank goodness they are open!

Auto Werke Topcare Maintenance Co, official polish center for all QAF vehicles

There it is groomed by this dude (he will be the last dude to touch my car, as I usually do not let outsider wash my car. Yeap, I do all the car washes including my Lexus)

I was told it will be sent back to showroom around noon. Hopefully they can get it registered tomorrow and I can parked it in my garage next to my other yellow car!

Directly opposite the Auto Werke is Gadong River. I decided to take some pictures. Check out the swelling!!! I swear it was higher then this when I drove pass that bridge yesterday.

Lets hope our government had it all prepared for the worst to come

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Porsche Boxster S....Progress

Today I received a call from QAF Porsche that my car had completed its "technical / homologation" with the Land Transport of Brunei. I am impressed that they had it done so soon and the great news is that I can collect my car by the least this week Saturday!!! I was told that usually it required 1 - 2weeks for all that process. Hopefully I can have my "Bluecard" done today and the car be registered tomorrow!!!

For our oversea blogger, bluecard is a card that is blue in color (duh~). It is released by the Land Transport of Brunei to prove that the particular vehicle belong to the owner. It contain all the technical details of the vehicle such as the engine number, chassis number, registration year, size of the tires, what make, model, you guys know what I mean. Every year when our road tax are due for renew, we will bring this card re-register. You can say its kinda the old school way.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Neglected ER34....

Hai~ my poor ER34 had been left unwashed for almost 2 months. LOL. What a lousy owner I am. I had been so busy lately with my preparation of my wedding but the main reason for not washin it up is because it has been raining and raining since November. Yesterday I took my free time and get the little yellow ER34 washed up good.

Super dirty exhaust-heat protector due to exhaust fume and other engine craps

Argh!!! I took off the "" decal and accidentally peel the body paint as well!!! Haiyaaaaaa need more paint job again....

Brake dust accumulating around the outer and inner of my ADVAN rims

Here you can see the differences between cleaned body and 2 months old dirt

After a long hour washes, the car is finally shining in its yellow glory.

Rims are sparkling shine!

This is more like it, clean clean clean!

The exhaust-heat protector now shinier then ever

I had the front bumper polished and removed all unnecessary stains, hmm... I need to cover that few peeled spots with something...

Showing my wife our new ride.....

1.00 p.m / 09.01.2010
Today I brought my wife to check out our new car as she still hasn't seen it personally.When I arrived at the QAF Porsche Showroom, I was told that my car is already semi cleaned and had been moved to the workshop and placed on top of an automated jack. As usual, I quickly grab my D90 and snapped a few shots of my Boxster S.

I didn't expect the under chassis to be totally flat and covered!

Reason for that was for aerodynamic at high speed.

Twin tips exhaust hint that the car is a "S" model. Check out all those spanking brand new metals and parts!

This is the only section where the under chassis is not covered.

The car hoisted up high....

My wife smiling with Alex, Pierce(Porsche Marketing Manger) nearby looking happily too!

She is happy and I am happy, now we are just waiting for the car to be "homologated" by the Land Transport of Brunei and the key will be officially handed to me!

More updates soon!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More pictures on my 987 Gen II

5:00 p.m / 08/01/2010
I went back to QAF Porsche showroom again as Alex told me there is a mistake on the carpet that I ordered. Turn out it is just a simple and small problem. Phew~ Anyway I was surprised that they already completed PDI with my Boxster S. The car had been stripped off all the plastic cover, protective foam and the white stickers on the body. Finally I get to see the whole car myself! Check it out.

Double HID + LED

How cool is that!!! Porsche logo on front license plate holder!!!

Boxster S LED Tailights

Metropole Blue Roof

Showing me how the roof open and close!

4 piston Caliper painted red with color Porsche crest on center

Woohoo, the rear also get 4 piston brake caliper! Check out the offset of the rear wheels. I like it!!! All 4 disc rotors are crossed drilled and ventilated! Nice

More pictures coming soon

Introducing my 3rd ride....Porsche Boxster S (987 Gen II)

Porsche Boxster S

Finally, my new 2010 Porsche Boxster S. It is the latest facelift Porsche Boxster S (987 Gen II). The car was deposit on 1st September 09, but only had it built by Porsche AG Germany around mid October. Yes, if you want to special or custom order your Porsche you will have to book a "build date" with Porsche AG, unless you buy it off the showroom stocks.

11.40 a.m / 08.01.2010
I was told the car will be arriving to Brunei around 29th December 2009 just before New Year. It ended up arriving in Muara Port on 6th Jan 2010. I had waited long enough and finally they told me the car will reach the showroom at 1pm on 8th Jan 2010. Today, I was on the phone with one of the sales person, Alex(highly recommended saleslady), after chatting with her my good buddy Willy rang me and said he saw a big trailer with a few Porsches on it! That really got my adrenaline pumped and I called my wife and told her that the car is finally here. So we met up lunch together with another buddy of mine, Albert.

12.45 p.m / 08.01.2010
After lunch, I brought Albert along to QAF showroom (no one was suppose to know it arrived today but anyway I just bring him along). When I reached the showroom, I was greeted by Alex and she show me to my car. And there it is waiting inside the workshop. Check it out!

Speed Yellow Exterior

Lots of protective foam around the body~

I can't see the roof either!

Ocean Blue Interior, You can see the custom Porsche carpet on the passenger seat

Yes, I want my first Porsche to be a manual transmission!!! Pure driving experience!!!

That is me trying to start the engine! LOL and the damn car just won't start!

If you see in between the wipers there is one small tiny red knob. It is a pre-safe system to prevent unauthorise start of engine before PDI (Porsche Delivery Inspection). Alex pulled the red knob and I restart the ignition and the whole engine just scream into action!

More pictures coming up once I got the car homologated and registered!