Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday stroll to Car showroom.....

Yesterday was Friday which means from 12pm to 2pm all shops have to be closed for the Muslim prayers.  So for non-muslim like us who has nothing much to do during that 2 hours break, will ended up strolling around car showroom checking out new models arrival.

We drove pass Chevrolet showroom and this pearl white SUV caught our attention. It's the new CADILLAC ESCALADE! This Cadillac Escalade was never imported to Brunei because it was build for left-hand drive only.  So when we saw a right-hand drive version, it sure get our excitement pumping.

I was mentioning to my friends that this car should cost no more or less around BND180,000.  That would be the maximum price I would pay for that car.  Then we were told that it is selling for BND$250,000.  LOL.  That price stunt us a bit.  With that kind of price you can actually get a used Ferrari F430 for less then BND$215,000.  OR a brand new Range Rover Evoque BND$100K AND a brand new Range Rover sports for that same kind of money!

This Cadillac Escalade is the "FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY" as stated on the front windscreen.  I do not know what engine lies under the hood as the salesperson is not in anyway helping.  I do know that it is a 6 seaters car, wheels is riding on 22", it has full leather interior, a sunroof, 4 LCDs screen for back passenger, reverse camera, and lots and lots of LED for front headlamps and rear taillamps.

Next up we dropped by MINI Showroom(again!) because my friend need to settle his final deposit payment.  OMG, I actually been into this showroom for more then 30times this year alone. Hahah.  This particular MINI Countryman S caught my attention.  The color you looking at if I am not wrong is Chilli Red.  Awesome color!

MINI Brunei finally imported a Countryman S that is fitted with matt white wheels. 

Cheapest MINI in Brunei, the MINI One at brand new price $39,990!

The first MINI Roadster in Brunei!  Not sure about the exact price but is near the BND$70K zone.  This is different from the cabriolet MINI that my friend bought recently.  This is a strictly 2 seaters MINI and it's sold!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Re-Fresh ER34 - NISMO Wing Struts

Avid reader may recall back in 2010 I purchased a pair of NISMO wing struts from an online store.  I never got the chance to use it till now.  Last weekend, with my cloud9 mood I decided to swap the old wing with my err...old wing. LOL.  This is actually my original ER34 wing that come stock when I first bought the car new.  The only thing I replaced this time was the struts.  I didn't use the strut covers because I think it will look more rugged without it.  It took me around 1 hour to remove and trial fit the wing.  It was a very productive afternoon.

Oh yes it is adjustable too!

Did some compounding and polishing to bring back the colors of the wing.  I think this wing has been inside my store for more then 8 long years.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Re-Fresh ER34 - Exterior Body Detailing

Good evening Readers!  I just checked my last post on Re-Fresh ER34 was dated way back on 4th Jan 2012.  LOL!

During the last few days I took most of my evening time detailing the exterior of my ER34.  If reader may recall, the car was supposed to be repainted sometime this year.  Well, it never happen. Why?  Lets just say the body is still in prestine condition and I think having the car repaint now is kinda early.  I will wait maybe 2015, then maybe have the whole car repainted including the engine bay.  

So what I did during was had the whole car compounded and polished all by myself!  Talk about the love for my car. I am planning to get a polishing machine to finalise the waxing for that extra shine and protection.  Will probably have all these done before the arrival of 2013.

MINI Countryman S treated to a cool car wash by me! Now is nice and clean!

Notice anything missing on this picture?

Yeap, the spoiler is missing!  Where did it go?  More details coming soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

MINI Showroom - Another Friend's New Cooper S Convertible!

Yeap! Another good friend of mine just took ownership of this new MINI Cooper S!  No, no, this is not the one you read a few weeks ago.  I know it is the same color, Spice orange,  instead this one is hardtop version!  Another happy friend served by MINI Sales rep, Virginia, .  These pictures were taken no more than an hour ago at the time of this post.  I had been following my two friends in and out of MINI and BMW showroom like more than 20 times. LOL.

Now I am not alone anymore with my MINI.  I need to convince more of my friend to buy MINI in the future.  Hahaha...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Porsche Boxster S Flat Battery!

Is the time of the year when you put in your car key and the car just won't start.  My Porsche did just that to me last weekend.  The battery has never been changed ever since I collected the car new.  The stock battery lasted almost 3 years.

I was searching for car batteries and my good buddy introduced to me this brand called DEKA from U.S.A.  The price is $230++, and it is bigger in size and also specification compared to the stock Porsche battery.

Porsche Boxster battery is located in the front hood compartment

I had never came across a tubing coming out from the battery.  A quick phone call to my friend to clarify, what that tube does it to channel all the acid fume away from the compartment

Size Comparison of the new and old batteries

It took me 10minutes to change the battery.  No big drama.

When the car finally started I was greeted with all sorts of warning messages.  A quick phone call to Porsche Workshop told me to bring in the car for a quick reset on the car setting.  This is a standard procedure for all new battery installed in all Porsche cars.

The car kick-start faster then the previous battery!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MINI Showroom - Friend's New Cooper S Convertible


 Good morning readers,  I was at MINI Showroom on Monday with a good buddy of mine who is about to purchase a spanking brand new MINI Cooper S Convertible.  The picture you are looking at is his new soon to be ride.  Virginia, the same salesperson that handled my car purchases is again been chosen to handle his new car too!  Good services deserved to be well introduce to other prospect customer.  

This color is called Spice Orange,  it is very unique and rare color.  There are not many around in Brunei.  Last I recall seeing one is a Cooper and another demo Cooper S in MINI showroom.

I sure loving the unique sport rims that comes with the car.  Check out my happy friend who is final spot checking on the car.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Side Strips Installation

Good afternoon readers!  The continuation of our Project : Blue Devil newest accessories that I purchased recently.  I am again at WestArt in Gadong for the installation of the JCW side strips.  They are my trusted installer when it comes to exterior installation of strips, license plates or window tints.  Their workmanship is always top quality with reasonable asking price.  Check it out!

The side strips after 15 minutes of short wait 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Side Strips

Good morning readers,  just picked up another additional strips for my Blue Devil.  This box here cost  me BND$150.00 for a pair of JCW side strips.   As usual,  I purchased this from QAF MINI.  Will probably have it installed in the next few days!

 Here is the sample of the JCW Side Strips