Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ER34 in Cardomain

Just a quick note, before I start blogging for my ER34, the only place I can show my ER34 was on Cardomain. Cardomain is a great place to show your ride to the whole world. They have all the category for any models and any makes. To date ER34 had been registered in Cardomain for almost 3 years. As of today, my ER34 is ranked no.31 of 1626 in the Nissan Skyline Category. That category included all models from R32 to R34 (including GTRs). The highest ranked that my ER34 ever achieved was No.1 around early 2008 and stayed in that spot for 10days. I should had "Print Screen" and saved it for memorial. Oh well, I didn't and I should had spanked myself silly. Anyway, please visit my ER34 Cardomain if you have the free time! Lots of pictures to view in there!


ER34 Photos by Devin Kho

Devin Kho is a friend of mine, photography was once his past time hobby. Now he has turned his hobby to a full time Photographer! Here are some of his earlier work on my ER34 in 2007. Hope you like it. P.S He will be taking photos for my wedding on Jan 2010 as well! If you are interested please visit Masamichi Studio website for more informations.

Location : Muara Port, B.S.B

photo edited by Devin Kho

Thursday, December 3, 2009


These is my family car, BMW Z4, my parent bought it around 2004. I used to drive this thing around before my younger brother came back from oversea. It is his daily car now. These one here is 3.0 Straight six and has a five speed auto tranny. The car is dead stock only some minor accessories like M- Pedals and M clear indicators all round.