Saturday, September 29, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Aerokits

Yeap, my wife just bought the JCW Full Aerokits for her MINI!  We just collected these big cartons from QAF MINI last Monday.  I cannot believe Project:Blue Devil is making progress faster then my Project:N.E.S II! LOL.  

After showing her a picture of the JCW MINI Countryman, she immediately had a lock-on target on which kit she wanted to get in the future.  The plan was some slight mod on the car after the first year of the ownership.  But it all went from 1st gear to 6th gear after I visited QAF MINI in Beribi two weeks ago.  

There I met this friendly Parts Manager called Talip.  He quickly introduced me the JCW Aerokits when I actually wanted only to order the JCW Strips.  Nevertheless, I mentioned it briefly to my wife about a special deal that QAF MINI willing to offer for the first MINI Countryman S to be fitted with official JCW Aerokits in Brunei.

The deal was heavily discounts on the aerokits with additional technical approval letter to be officially approved by Land Transport Department.  That really caught our attention.  As you know modification in Brunei is very strict, so to have an approved aerokits by the LTD is like Christmas has come early!

My wife didn't say much.  The only sentence she said to me was "I want the kit".  So the next following Monday, we drop in at QAF MINI to pay and collect the JCW aerokit. LOL. Quick and simple. 
The kit is Made in Germany as you can see below.  Those of you who is not really a car buff guy should know that BMW owns MINI, hence is called BMW MINI.  Not Rover MINI anymore.

The cartons contents
  • JCW Front Splitter
  • JCW Rear Diffuser
  • Two Exhaust Tips
  • 4 x Stainless Door Entry Trims
  • Clips and Fitting

Exhaust Tips for the JCW Rear Diffuser

Stainless Steel Door Plates with clips and fitting

JCW Front Splitters

JCW Rear Diffuser

The JCW side skirt(passenger side)

Front View

Rear View

Side Skirt View

The car is currently inside a workshop at the time of this post.  It should be ready in the next few days so please await for more updates with more pictures very soon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ER34 is a Bird Murderer!~

Last month I brought my ER34 to a workshop to have my air-con checked.  While on my way to workshop,  a bird suddenly flew pass by  front bumper.  I was driving around 70-80km/hr at that time and I wasn't sure whether I had hit the little birdie.  When I reached the workshop, I couldn't find any sign of my car hitting the bird.  So my initial thought was the bird probably flew away in some direction.  Phew~

Around noon time, my friend who was a friend of the air-con workshop started sending me pictures thru WhatsApp.  What he sent to me was shocking!  They air-con guy actually found a little birdie stuck behind my inter-cooler piping as you can see below!

The crime scene on the radiator

After hitting the radiator, the little bird felt in between my intercooler piping

The mechanic manage to push out the body out from my car

What a poor thing~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Strips

G'Day readers!  Last weekend I drove to Tasik Sarubing Recreational Park near my house at Subok and took some pictures on our newly installed JCW Strips!  I will just let the pictures do the talking.  Hope you all like the new strips on the car.

 The "Devil" strips! Now you know how I came up with the project name :)

Roof strips and Spoiler strips(not shown)

Rear strips

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - Leather Key Jacket

Hi again readers, I just bought this for my wife from eBay.  It's a leather jacket for her Countryman-S key.  I got it for roughly BND40.00, not cheap but it is the nicest looking from the range.  And of course the colors got to be BLUE!  I regret I didn't get one for myself.  o_O.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - Union Jack Style Aluminum Door Emblems

This is actually the first accessory that I bought for Project : Blue Devil. I got this way before I received our car. LOL. Yes, I was too excited so went and bought some small stuff before receiving it. This set here set me around BND$60.00.  It is made of aluminum and it is to be fitted on to the door opener!  These are styled with Union Jack livery. It will match my Union Jack style side mirrors and Union Jack style reverse mirror cover!  I hope I didn't overload my car with too many Union Jacks livery. LOL!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - Installation of JCW Strips

Good evening readers! Today is the day where I will drop by my MINI for the installation of the JCW Strips.  I pop by my friend new branch in Gadong early in the morning.  I didn't even realise that he opened another branch until I called him last weekend to arrange a time to bring in the MINI for installation of the JCW strips.

The shop is called WESTART Enterprise, this branch is located in Gadong right next to AyamKu Restaurant.  The main branch is located in Serusop. They are well-known locally as one of the best shop to provide customize stickers, license plate, signage and other advertising services.  Prices are reasonable and they provide quality services and workmanships.  Hey, even my shop signage is done by them!

I was here first even before the shop is opened! LOL

Squeezing out the air bubbles for the front strips

Rear strips positioned

Roof strips and Spoiler strips getting ready!
Finalising and positioning all strips before stripping off the protective tape

Here is the first sneek picture.  Will have proper photo shoots together with Porsche Boxster S new rims soon!

I bought this JCW strips without letting my wife know.  She is a big fan of JCW strips when I shown her a picture of a MINI Countryman with the same strips last month when we first gotten the car.  Today I surprised her with her new gift when she returned back from work.  She is a very happy wife upon seeing his newly pimped MINI. ^_^

Oh by the way,  the installation charges is BND$40.00 only and took less then 40mins to install.  Cheap compared to what QAF wanted to charge me when I asked about their installation fee.  Their price shall remain silenced by me forever. LOL!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Project : Blue Devil - JCW Strips

Here we go, AGAIN!  LOL,  I kept saying to myself that I am not going to touch this car.  Now look what I had done?  Just went and ordered these genuine John Cooper Works (JCW) Strips for my little Blue Devil.  It will be my very first mod for MINI Countryman S. It cost me around $300++ for a completed set of front, roof and rear strips.

 Who would know that simple thin strips like these would required big ass packaging? 

Opening ceremony for the roof strips

My Countryman roof is white in color so I have to get contrast black strips to match it!  This set contact several strips for car with or without sunroof. Customer can choose which specification is there car and install it accordingly.  I guess I will have extra strips on hand soon.

Strips for the front hood and rear boot
Front strips

Rear strips

The best part of purchasing genuine item is that it is made by 3M and it's already pre-spaced for easy convenient installation. This is why I love to use genuine items.

I am testing the strips on the front hood and I really want to install these myself!!!  In the end, I decided to just let my friend who is good at stickers for installation.  The installation will be next week so will post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Introducing Project : Blue Devil

Today I would like to officially introduce another project from my fourth ride, MINI Cooper Countryman S.  The new project will be formally called PROJECT : BLUE DEVIL.  Why Blue Devil?  You will find the answer on the very first mod!  I already have some plans and modifications ready for this little Blue Devil. In fact some parts had already been ordered from online and locally :P.  The project will focus mainly in cosmetic of the car, so far no plan for the engine mods. This project will be a slow progress just like my other Projects.  Will update more soon!