Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Car Spotting In Brunei - Nissan GT-R (Extremely Heavily Modified)

As you can see this week is all about the NISSAN GT-R a.k.a Godzilla.   This one here belong to a friend of mine.  This is currently the most powerful GT-R in Brunei.  Many of you may have read HYPERTUNE magazine as this car was featured in their front cover last year.   I spoken to the owner when I took these pictures to share with you guy.  He humbly mentioned to me that he has not used the high boost yet on his car as it was very very scary to propel down the highway with this much insane power.   This car is currently pumping out insane 4 digits horsepower and required 3 freaking fuel pumps.

Apart from the obvious wrapping, the car is fitted with Fiogiato wheels and aero-kits.  Not sure from which company but that wing is goddamn huge!!!  The interior is also fitted with full roll-cage for safety protections.  The ECU is run by MOTEC and also comes with MOTEC Dash fitted right in front of the central instrumental.  Those who are not into tuning world, MOTEC is one of the best or the best engine management for after market tuning.  It ain't easy to tune so someone need to be very specialized and knowledgeable in MOTEC tuning in order to fully utilize the ECU mapping.  Hopefully I can ride shotgun in the future if owner permit.

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