Friday, April 28, 2017

My Dodge Journey R/T New Wipers Replacement

My Dodge Journey R/T wiper rubbers finally broke off from the metal blade.  I searched high and low for a 24" wiper and finally found it at HUAHO Serusop for a set of 2 for $7.90.  The 24" will be used for passenger side whereas the driver side only require 18" in length.  So for the 18" I bought the blade-less type for $6.90 each.  I didn't really bother about the brand because I was disappointed with the brand RAIN-X for my Porsche Boxster S previously replaced.  That Rain-X didn't even last for 6 months and was squeeking like a pig.  This time I will give an unknown brand a try and see how long will it last.

Comparison with NEW (top) and OLD (bottom)

This blade-less type actually looks quite good and comes with a cool design clip to clip on to  your wiper!  Hopefully this blade can last as long as it looks!

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  1. I usually use Meguiars liquid wax the spray one as an alternative to rain x. I think it last longer and get the job done better.But make sure you wipe it thoroughly as it will leave some wax residual or hazy situation.