Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Car Spotting In Brunei - Mercedes Benz S-Class Wagon


Have you guys ever seen a S-Class wagon?  It was never a production model and yet we have a few of these uniquely to Brunei!  This S-Class is based on W140 chassis and pictured were taken at Mercedes Benz Jati Transport Brunei! I actually seen this car when I was very young and surprise it is still in very good condition!

Here is an article I researched :-
"This W140 wagon was manufactured by an aftermarket supplier in Germany (not Mercedes-Benz).  You had to buy any W140 sedan you wanted (S 280 up to S 600), and the specialist will pick it up at the factory and make the conversion.
The cost for the conversion was about US$100,000 not including the price of the donor sedan. The wagon featured a rear electric folding seat for the second row (third row seats were NOT available for this model). Many of the parts (like the rear wiper, etc were taken from the W124T inventory).

According to the stats, about 100 W140 "T"s were manufactured, mostly sold in Germany, the Middle East and Hong Kong. 
Another aftermarket manufacturer offered conversions for the W220, at a more reasonable US$50,000 for the conversion."

We are so lucky that we get to see so many unique and cool car in Brunei.

If you are curious how the inside looks?

Here is the W220 mentioned earlier on!  I didn't know this model existed till I researched the W140!

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