Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dodge Journey R/T Accessories - Rubber Spray Film On All Rear Badges

Hello readers,  remember a few posts earlier when I bought the replacement wipers for my DODGE.  In there you will notice a bottle of spray can.  Well, that spray can is called "COLORFUL RUBBER Spray Film" by Carlas.  You can say it is the China version of PlasticDip.  The can cost only BND$10.00 which is less then half the price of original PlasticDip.  My friend actually introduced this product to me and told me it work just like the original.  Being a D.I.Y guy I couldn't wait to give this product a try.

So here are the tools that you need as shown below:
  • Polish liquid, earbud and towel for cleaning the area you want to spray
  • Old newspaper or papers and Masking tape for masking the body to prevent unwanted spray
  • Pen knife or scissor for cutting up old newspaper or papers to cover the car
  • Toothpick for picking deep and corner rubber film

Please make sure you clean the area that you are planning to rubber spray. Today post is rubber spray all the rear badges.

I gave the rear about 4 coats of rubber spray.  The first coat was sprayed lightly like a mist.  Then from second to fourth I gave it a thick coats.  Make sure you give yourself an interval of 5-8 minutes between each coats.

Important when spraying is to make sure you sprayed all corners top to bottom and left to right to prevent missing a section

After the final coats give it 10minutres to dry and then remove all the masking tapes and papers

Start peeling!

Another way is to stick masking tape on top of the unwanted section and just peel it off!

Get yourself a toothpick to peel off deep corner section

 Here is the rear before rubber spray film

And here is the final result!


Honestly I am very impress with the result given it only cost BND$10.00!  I think I only used up about 30% of the can.  With those extra I am planning to rubber spray film another section of the DODGE very soon!

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