Friday, October 20, 2017

Project : W210 [ Engine & Electrical - Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter ]

[ Engine & Electrical - Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter ]
Fuel Filter - $28.00
Fuel Pump - $59.00 

Finally my fuel pump has arrived after a long 3 weeks wait.  I bought this fuel pump online for BND$59.00 including shipping.  A genuine or OEM will cost about BND$200~BND$400.00

The white box is the fuel filter made by MAHLE.  A German brand that also manufacture OEM parts to all the major car manufacturer.  This particular part I bought it locally for BND$28.00.  Now, I need to arrange another time with my friend to get these two parts replaced.  Hopefully these are the last things I need to do to get the car start!  Will update more again in the next post.

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