Friday, October 27, 2017

Project : W210 [ Exterior : Body - Parking Sensor ]

[ Exterior : Body - Parking Sensor ]

Parking Sensor : $19.00

Good afternoon readers!  While I am arranging a time for my mechanic friend to come and fix the fuel pump and fuel filter, I have one part that just arrived!  Remember the front bumper with missing parking sensors? Well I finally ordered one of the missing parking sensor.  This only cost me BND$19.00 with shipping from online store in China.  They sold a tons of these, like a few hundreds and is the best option to go if u don't want to pay genuine part for BND$300++.

Here is a comparison between the third party brand and genuine part

These will get fit to the bumper to make sure the front parking sensor is working properly.  Will update again soon!

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