Friday, December 1, 2017

Project : W210 - Not ALIVE Again!

Sorry for not posting lately due to my new venture into food & beverages business at my home.  It was a crazy month last month as I need to get used to my new business schudule.  Now everything is easing I can finally go back to posting!

That day after I started my Project:W210, I left it overnight at my parent place so I can get the license plate ready the next day so  I can drive to a workshop to get it thoroughly check.  Well guess what?  The next day the battery went dead on me when I came to pick up the car.  I tried to use the physical key and it also didnt work!!!

So worst scenario I have to call Jati Transport and get their people to open the door for me!  After 30mins of trying to fit the hook to the door handle, we finally got the door opened.  I called a tow truck and it is now been transported to SHH Proshop for further examination.

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