Saturday, December 2, 2017

Project : W210 - Repairing The W210 Alternator

We finally found out why my new W210 battery went dead!  This time the main culprit was the alternator.  I was thinking of buying a brand new one but it is costly at about  BND$600!  Thank god there is someone in Brunei who is specialist in repairing alternator.  I pop by at Singapore Motor and got the alternator repaired but it wasn't cheap as it cost me BND$150.00.


  1. Hi there, I know it's too late but just to let you know that the next time you need to have your alternator rebuilt and if you frequent Miri a lot, you can drop by at Power Tech Electrical Engineering @ Piasau Industrial, Miri for probably half the cost that you have just paid. I once sent mine for a rebuilt and it was definitely well worth it as it was (dare I say it) way better than brand new or recond. Just look up for Simon Wong, +60168718235.

    I'm not affiliated with the owner but he did such a great job that I had to introduce him to everybody. According to his business card, it says,
    "Specialized in rewinding motor, repair generator, alternator, starter, transformer, industrial electrical equipment, installation and rewiring all kinds of vehicle wiring system."

    1. thanks for sharing these infomation.. i will contact him in the future if i have anymore problem with alternator