Friday, May 25, 2018

Project : W210 - Removing the Instrument Cluster Pt.3

OK here is the "newly" replaced instrumental cluster. Everything is working just like it should except for a few errors on the central LCD.  One thing I am a bit confused was the "Hydraulic Oil Level" error.  I am surprised to see this error because it wasn't on my original instrumental cluster error.  So I did some digging online and found out the the hydraulic system was only fitted in a wagon W210.  The hydraulic help to maintain the ride height in the even of heavy load on the rear boot.

I checked my eBay purchases regarding about this instrumental cluster and found out it was taken out from a wagon W210.  So now I learned that old error from old car will be memorized in the instrumental cluster. 

There is no way I will be able to delete the error.  We will see how it goes in the future.  I might just put back my old instrumental cluster and replaced only the moldy plastic covers.

Here are two more errors that has been popping out for a few years. There are the ASR and ABS.  There are many reasons for these two errors so a proper diagnosis will be in order after I fixed the engine shaking problem.  Thanks for reading!

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