Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Project : W210 - White Halogen Bulbs

Just bought a bunch of white halogen bulbs for my W210.  You can say this is my first small mods for my E240.  The bulbs here are pretty cheap, about BND$1.50 a piece.  I bought 4 sets of H7 and 2 sets of H11.  H7 will be fitted for the low beams and high beams.  The H11 will be fitted to the spot lights in the front.  The bulbs are tinted blue so when its turn on it will project white beam thru the lamp.

The 9006 bulbs were supposed to be fitted to the Dodge Journey but sadly I bought the wrong size.  I will get these fitted to my W210 this week and will show you guys the result.

H11 bulbs for the spot lights

H7 for both low and high beams

This is 9006 size and doesn't fit in any of my cars. LOL

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