Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show - Concept Cars

Hi there readers, I would like to talk about this year 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show that is happening right now in Germany.  I don't usually report on car news but Frankfurt Motor show is one of the most important event in the car community.  It showcase many concept cars and new production models from all manufacturers around the world.
This year 2015 Frankfurt Motor show has a few surprise from many major manufacturers.  The best of show in my opinion would be Porsche E-Mission and the Bugatti Vision Gran Tourismo Concept.  Truly a beauty to behold.  Here are some of my favorite concepts for this year 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.
The Porsche Mission E is my personal favorite of the show.  Basically a TESLA killer that will be seeing on our street around 2018!  This car is full electric and only need 15mins to charged up to 80% and can do so wirelessly!  600hp that goes from 0-100km/hr in just 3.5sec! Oh yes it also comes with suicide doors and seat four comfortably!

 Bugatti Vision GT Concept.  For the avid fans of Playstation GT Series.  This car will be available for play very soon.

Honda Project 2 And 4 Concept.  An open cart with 1 seat from Honda fitted with 999cc V4 engine from its motorbike division that rev up to 10500rpm!!!!

Mercedes Benz IAA Concept.  Ultimate aerodynamic!

Nissan GRIPZ.  A take on sports SUV by Nissan. Rumors has it Nissan won't be replacing the next generation Z or Fairlady but instead we will be seeing an SUV as shown like this below with a "Fairlady" badge!
Toyota C-HR II.  This is a preview of JUKE rival from Toyota! Production will be slated around 2016!


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