Monday, September 21, 2015

Black Beast Mod - BORLA ATAK Exhaust System

Good afternoon readers,  todays post will be about my new mod on my JEEP SRT.  I had been posting about car spotting in Brunei in my past 10 posts. So its about time for a change of topic.

This is my spanking brand new exhaust system for my JEEP SRT!  This exhaust actually landed in Brunei three months ago but due to budget constraint I need to put this on hold first, LOL.  I will probably have this install before the end of 2015 or maybe near 2016 Chinese New Year.  

This is from BORLA, an American company that specialize in exhaust system that cater for their American muscle cars. There are two types of exhaust system set-up for JEEP SRT,  Type-S or ATAK.  The one you looking here is the ATAK system.  I was told it is louder and has a deep V8 growl compared to the S-Type.

There is a video in Youtube that shows the differences of them.  I have linked the video below.  Enjoy the video!

Double Click For Direct Youtube Viewing

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