Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Car In Brunei - Chrysler 300 SRT

This is fresh off the boat today at GHK yard!  The facelifted Chrysler 300 SRT has landed in Brunei!  It has the same HEMI V8 6.4litre engine as my Jeep SRT.  Compare to the previous model this car is now fitted with the new ZF eight-speed automatic transmission with adjustable launch control.  Exterior also received a few updates with new front bumper fitted with new LED and DRL.  The rear also received new LED lights and a boot lid spoiler for down force.  Not sure about the price but the last model was selling for around BND$100K!  Given the rise in US Dollars I am sure this car won't be cheap!  But hey at least you have a cool SRT that even the American market aren't getting!

Black on black on black!  Even the wheels are Black chromed!

You will not see any other badges apart from the "SRT" logo at the front grille and rear boot

245/45ZR20 from Goodyear Eagle matted with 4-pistons BREMBO caliper!

"Carbon Fiber", I am not sure what it does but will find out soon

Big revised interior included the new steering wheel similar to all the SRT range. Instrumental cluster now comes with a LCD sitting between two new dials.  Semi leather and alcantara sports seats are for front and rear.

8-speed "DIAL" gearknob!  Tasty carbon fiber all around in center console

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  1. I would love to have access to that car here in the states. I don't care so much about the price, it really is a classic looking car. Love the black on black on black. Everything about the car screams speed. The interior even looks more streamlined than the ones we have available here. That is one beautiful-looking car!