Sunday, September 17, 2017

Project : W210 [ Engine & Electrical - Crank Sensor ]

[ Engine & Electrical - Crank Sensor ]

Parts Cost : $125

Good evening readers, I tried to start the engine after cleaning the MAF from my previous post to check if the RPM is still having idling problem.  Instead I was greeted with engine cranking but no "start-over".  This is another problem not related to the MAF.  A quick check online and I was told this kind of sympthon is due to faulty crank angle sensor or crank sensor.  So this is a new problem not related to the MAF. Good news is it's a cheap to fix but a little harder to replace due to the awkward location of the crank sensor.

So the first thing to do is to find a replacement which I checked locally and online.  One can get a non-brand replacement for about $50~$80 online.  Our local Mercedes Benz will charge about genuine part for around $300++.  I also called up a popular spare part center, Sing Hiap Hin in Gadong Central and was told they have one in stock which will suit my car model.  The pictures here are the actual reaplacment part I just bought, it's Made in Germany by Hella! 

Until the crank sensor is replaced I also have no idea whether our cleaned MAF is working properly or not.  Will update again when I send a mechanic over to my parent house to have the crank sensor replace.  I am thinking of doing this myself but it require a special socket.  We shall see how it goes next week.

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